Monday, July 23, 2012

Masoth: An Update

So far, I have raised $805 out $4,000 with about 40 days left to raise money. It is still way to go, but I am hopeful that I can convince a few key people I know to make some either middle or last minute donations.  In any case, there are always surprises that happen which I need to be proactive in making reality. This is of course of the key points of the book.

On another note, I just recently did some work on the About the Author or About This Book, which will be displayed on the back of the book. Even though this part should be the easiest, due to its length, it is for some reason the hardest. I guess trying to summarize something that I wrote, with all of its complexity, is not as easy as taking a simple idea and making it more complex. 

If any of this has sparked your interest, please visit the link below and consider donating to my cause of self-publishing the book that I wrote called Masoth: The Journey Beyond. 

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