Friday, December 21, 2012

Masoth: The Journey Beyond is here!

Okay all, it has a been a long time. I mean a long time since I have even thought of even using this blog. Yet, now I have more reasons to post on it a few more times.

If you kept up with some of my last posts you may have noticed that I was writing a sci-fi novel to self-publish. Well, the wait is over. It is here. I present to you:

The novel is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. More to come on this.
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Masoth - Update #1

The time is finally here. I have completed the last of six edits for my book, Masoth: The Journey Beyond, and now I am completing the application to send the book for publishing. It will be about 3 months of waiting for the process but I am excited just getting this far in the process.

I will admit that there is a bit of fear of the unknown territory that I am about to enter but also a certain level of anticipation. The idea that in several months I will actually have a copy of the book that I have toiled over for the last two and a half years brings me thoughts of joy.

A part of me wishes that I had been at this point back in 2007 or 2008 when written blogs were more in style but maybe this is the right time. While I wait I am going to work on creating several video adds to promote the book before and after its release.

So with that full speed ahead and more updates to come.
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Debunking the Curse of Ham

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Masoth: An Update

So far, I have raised $805 out $4,000 with about 40 days left to raise money. It is still way to go, but I am hopeful that I can convince a few key people I know to make some either middle or last minute donations.  In any case, there are always surprises that happen which I need to be proactive in making reality. This is of course of the key points of the book.

On another note, I just recently did some work on the About the Author or About This Book, which will be displayed on the back of the book. Even though this part should be the easiest, due to its length, it is for some reason the hardest. I guess trying to summarize something that I wrote, with all of its complexity, is not as easy as taking a simple idea and making it more complex. 

If any of this has sparked your interest, please visit the link below and consider donating to my cause of self-publishing the book that I wrote called Masoth: The Journey Beyond. 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Masoth The Novel - Raising Funds

If you have read my blog in the past two years  you may have seen mentions that I have written a sci-fi novel that I am trying to get self-published. Well, I am a lot closer to that goal and I am trying to raise money to the end. See below my campaign to raise the funding necessary for self publishing.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hebrew Israelite Challege

One of the Hebrew Israelite commenters on the video I did concerning the Hebrew Israelite claims has requested that I prove to him that I know a few things. Below is the answer to his request so that he can see it in an easily accessible format. Before one gets to the answer to his question, it must be known that the claims, that I clearly made in the video concerning the difference between Yisraelim\Yehudim (ישראלים\יהודים), were:
  1. Those who call themselves "Hebrew Israelites" use different terms.
  2. Those who call themselves "Hebrew Israelites" use different texts.
  3. Those who call themselves "Hebrew Israelites" have different interpretations.
  4. Thus those who use the title "Hebrew Israelites" are a different group of people.
Now it must be noted that prior to this particular Hebrew Israelite's request, I requested that he provide a picture/copy of the texts that Hebrew Israelites use for Exodus 20. This should have been an easy request to answer since according to his own claim his people, those who call themselves Hebrew Israelites, read from Hebrew texts. Instead, the Hebrew Israelite user told me to look at the Los Lunos stone, shown below.

When I asked for more information, none of my questions were answered in a direct manner. For example, I asked if the Hebrew Israelite commenter if the Los Lunos stone is a word for word copy of what can be found in the "Hebrew Israelite" bibles. This question is of course simple enough to answer with either a yes or a no. If the answer is yes, then we can proceed with a realistic conversation. Yet, if the answer is no then I have to wonder why would the Hebrew Israelite refer me to the stone in the first place. Also, the Los Lunos stone only has a "version" of the Ten Commandments, not the entire text of Exodus 20, which is what I requested. So I went on to explain what I asking for and the Hebrew Israelite commenter refused to give a straight answer on this. He instead offered to make a video about my question, even though the answer is either yes or no. I can only assume, because of his responses, that the Los Lunos stone is exactly, word for word, what is found in the Hebrew Israelite bibles or that he just sent it for no real reason.

So now to answer the Hebrew Israelite commenter's question. He asked me to prove that I can read Paleo-Hebrew showing the following words: door, dream, blue, red, chariot, debt, earth, Judah, Issachar, Jerusalem, Ephraim, and Elijah. The words have been provided in the four formats two of them in (from right to left) two Ancient Ivrith scripts, one in Samaritan Ivrith, one in Ketav Ashuri.

Because I understand that Hebrew Israelites have different texts, understandings, etc. from me and others like me, I will provide the following links HERE and HERE which details what exactly Paleo-Hebrew is according to Middle East scholars and Yisraelim/Yehudim (ישראלים\יהודים). I will be doing a video soon to detail the before mentioned differences between those who call themselves, Hebrew Israelites, and Yisraelim/Yehudim (ישראלים\יהודים).

For those who want to see the video, look below in my previous post or click HERE.
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