Friday, November 18, 2011

Incorrect Translation: Part 3

This post is a continuation of PART 1 and PART 2. If you haven't read please start there so that it will be clear what this post is about.

This post concerns a comment that was made by of the HOY supporters. In the comments section of the review one HOY supporter claims that the following is a translation of Yermiyahu (Jer.) 23:26-27:

"How can you (scribes) say we are the wise, and the Law of Yahweh is with us? Behold, the lying pen of the scribes has written them wrong!" and in Yeremyah 23:26-27 - "How long will this be in the hearts of the prophets (scribes) who prophesy lies, yes, they are prophets of the deciet of their own hearts, who cause my people to forget my NAME for Ba'al (Lord), which they tell everyman to their neighbor"

It must first be noted that the commenter did not come up with this on their own. If one looks in the introduction of the BOY the same passage is quoted but without the word (scribes) inserted. Now this commenter of course ADDS in several places (scribes) to their translation. The reality is that both the translation is incorrect and the assertion that both the HOY and the commenter makes that the passage is talking about future scribes is also wrong. 

The commenter is basically repeating a part of the HOY theology. The HOY claims that scribes changed all of the Biblical texts and of course they have no evidence for which scribes and supposedly changed the text or when. Grasping at straws they mistranslated a text of legends that claimed that states that the scribes of the pre-1st Temple era (meaning Ezra) fixed the understand of the Hebrew Scriptures. The HOY further claims that a group of scribes known as the Masoretes who operated between the 7th and 11th cent. were responsible for changes in the Torah. For the REAL history of the Masoretes please see this page HERE and HERE.

The word scribes does not show up in any of the Hebrew texts. The statement in this verse in fact doesn't even have anything to do with scribes. In Yirmeyahu 23:16-18 it explains that this statement was made from YHWH to the prophets of Yirmeyahu's (Jerimiah) own time (circa 610 BCE). The following is a copy of the text. Please note that the word in Hebrew for "scribes" is (סופרים) and the word that shows up in the below text is (נבאים) meaning "prophets."

Yermiyahu (Jer.) 23:26-27 From Aleppo Codex

Notice the red boxes around the word (נבאים) "prophets" and never once does the word (סופרים) "scribes" never shows up in the text. Since we know that the Masoretes were never claimed to be prophets we know that this has nothing to do with them. Further, this texts talks about prophets dreaming and speaking falsehood. There is not one statement about writing so we know that a scribe has nothing to do with this passage. We also know that the commenter is also incorrect about the scribes trying to hide the name of YHWH (יהוה).

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