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Incorrect Translation: Part 2

So if you haven't read the part 1 to this post I suggest that you go back to the first part HERE. So now I will start dealing with the issues that I mentioned in the first post on this topic. In this post I will explain how the organization calling itself the House of Yahweh (HOY) in their text Book of Yahweh (BOY) changed entire names with no evidence for such. Below are a few examples.
If one goes to this link HERE and looks in the BOY table of contents (click on the right arrow 10 times) one will find a list of the names of the different texts that the BOY contains. You will notice some alterations that the HOY did on a number of names. Here are three examples.
  • In the Hebrew scriptures there is a record of Ezra the Scribe. In Hebrew his name is (עזרא). The BOY contains Ezraya.
  • There is a prophetic writing in the Hebrew Scriptures by a prophet who is called Hoshea in English. This is basically the easiest way to write it in English from the original Hebrew (הושע). The BOY claims that his name was Hosheya.
  • There is further a prophetic writing in the Hebrew Scriptures by a prophet who is called Ezekiel. In reality his name should be written something like Yekhezqel from the Hebrew (יחזקאל). The HOY changes his name to Yechetzqyah.
This begs the obvious questions of where are they getting these spelling/transliterating methods from? The reality is that they are changing names to fit their theology with no historical, archeological, or even textual evidence for their alterations. Here are a few examples based on the above.

Proof #1 - the name of Ezra

Proof #1 shows a copy of one of the oldest complete versions of Ezra from the Aleppo Codex. Notice at the top right how the name is written (עזרא) which can be pronounced in English as Ezra.

Proof #2 - the name of Hoshea

Proof # 2 shows the name of oldest text of Hoshea. In the top right hand corner it is spelled as (הושע). Now it must be noticed that in the second to last line the name YHWH shows up right before Hoshea's name. This line deals with when YHWH began to speak with Hoshea.

Proof #3 - the name of Ezekiel

Proof #3 shows one of the oldest texts of Ezekiel. In the right hand corner you will notice the spelling .(יחזקאל)  What also must be noted about the BOY spelling of Yechetzqyah is even partially transliterated.  the underlined tz denotes how they incorrectly mixed up two Hebrew letters (ז) pronounced like "z" with (צ) pronounced "tz" or "ss".  This could be considered an honest mistake IF it were not for the other alternations they made and the fact that they have had years to correct it.

Further, the Dead Sea scrolls have the oldest fragments of Yehhezqel (Ezekiel) and Pseudo Ezekiel. The Dead Sea scroll fragments also confirm this spelling and the accuracy of the Aleppo Codex text.

Pseudo Ezekiel Fragment - Dead Sea Scrolls

The HOY provides nothing in their book that even shows how these names would be written in Hebrew. It must be noted that the only response that the HOY has to something like this is claim that  Jewish scribes changed the texts to take out YHWH's name. This of course has no evidence behind it and also makes no sense since it isn't logical to take out the name in one place in and leave it in others. Also, if you ask the HOY for the individual names of the scribes that they claim changed the text they can't give you any. So they  then claim it was the Masoretes who did it. In my next post I will explain this issue further why the HOY is wrong in this.

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