Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Hardest Part

So now back to the basics. Today I had to travel to Tel Aviv to take care of some business at an office there only to find out that the office was closed due to Thanksgiving in America. I couldn't believe it, even though the office is based from America, but I guess the waste of the trip was the biggest problem. I haven't been much into Tel Aviv for a while just because of how some parts of it remind me of living in NYC, which I loved for a while, and at the same time the more seedy parts of Tel Aviv really bother me. Add to the fact that finding kosher food is a chore in many parts of Tel Aviv and I find that as I wanted to return to the desert in Southern Israel as soon as possible.

 Egged Bus

It wasn't always that way. There was a time, years ago, when I enjoyed certain elements of Tel Aviv more but now with time and age I just don't have any interest anymore. The worst part of it was that I was not able to take my laptop which would have allowed me to do some work on the book. I did a lot of the initial writing of the book on the buses from either Jerusalem to the desert or the bus from Jerusalem to work. It brings back memories to think of the early development of the book and to consider I am getting close to the final steps.

So far I am putting in the edits that I made to the written copy and I am wishing that I had done both at the same time. Then again the written edits were more of a framework of what I needed to do with each chapter and now I think I am getting a more rounded story. Currently, I am on page 62 with a total of 373 pages to check.

Currently, I am trying to describe the main character's reaction to being in a place where the inhabitants are behind the times so to speak and he must walk a very delicate line with them. The main fight I have right now is with various forms of procrastination, something that has plagued me for a number of years in my life. What keeps me going is when I consider the impact that this book I am writing will make when I complete it. I keep dreaming of the day when I will receive the book with its cover and will be able to tell everyone that I actually did it. I also consider that as far as I know no one has written a book like this from the perspective that I am writing it from and I keep imagining how it can change so many things.

I am still wrestling though with the book cover design. There was a time when  thought of going for the simple but a part of me thinks that I should go for something visually stunning. The advantage of the simple approach is that people may remember it easier when there is something symbolic and I kept thinking of something on the level of Heidi Durrow's book The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. Yet, I also thought of how epic the covers of the Dune books are and a part of me wants something like that. Especially since the main character of my book reflects a background that I keep saying isn't really represented in the sci-fi genre. I keep thinking of something epic like the following.

It all seems like a dream right now, kind of like how things felt when I dreamed of living in Israel so many years ago. There were times when I wanted the reality to hurry itself along so I could wake up knowing that I was in the reality. So with that I probably should get back writing this book so that this won't be some thing that I regret never having done.

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