Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update On the Book

So as I have said before I am in the process of working on a book I hope to publish. The is written and I am not going through and performing a first draft edit. What this means is correcting spelling mistakes and as much grammer as possible. There is also the issue of fixing any plot holes and making sure that the story flows properly.

Because I wrote the book in different stages of throught I have to take information that I came up with later in the process and intergrate it into parts of the book I wrote with earlier concepts. This I would say is the hardest part about writing a book. The idea of consistancy. Yet, on some level I have been thinking about this for years as I have seen movies in the past where there were questions or plot holes with no answers.

I hope to finish the review by next week and then begins the process of going back into the computer copy and implementing the changes. I have dome some of it in areas where I noticed entire sections missing more than likely due to computer errors. All and all the process is fun and I can't wait to see this thing as a finished product.

I can say that this blog has prepared me for this project in more than one way. Yet, at least with the blog I don't have to go back and check for editing. I can just write what I think and let it be what it is. So if you see mistakes in this post, please excuse them. I promise the book will be better.

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