Monday, September 12, 2011

What People Say

When you live a life like mine you get used to the fact that people will talk, or write things about you regardless of how fair and how nice you try to be about things. Ever since I was a kid I have never really liked conflict just because of the energy and the focus that one has to have to maintain such things. Also, what is the point of conflict if it does not result in some kind of resolution that is either benificial to either one side or the other?

What I find dually strange about conflict and the people who willingly involve themselves in it is the lengths they will go to maintain their conflict and not the lengths they will go to make sure their facts are right. I have had this issue on several occasions such as:
  1. Once a person on a web-site claimed they had been arguing, on-line, with me when if they had just checked their facts they would have realized that they were argueing with someone else. Instead of revising their accusations against me, their false comments remain.
  2. On same web-site, due this person's incorrect comments, another person made comments about me that there was no reason for them to even make, because they don't agree with or understand certain things I have talked about in video. As if have a point of view is a crime to them and they are the beacons of all truth.
  3. I have posted reviews of books, several of which I have negative comments about the actual content of the books, and there are supporters of the book who don't debate my review but instead they create arguements based on incorrect assertations.
  4. There was a time when I took a side in an organization that I was once involved in and because the other side was more numerous I was considered a traitor. Afterwards I didn't fight them but simply went my way and did my own thing.
These things come up no matter what I may say at time or even how I try to present things. This is one of the reasons I even started blogging to begin with in order to express myself away from the conflicts of others. Yet, this all makes me wonder why for some being right is such an important thing. Why is the desire to be the winner so important to the point where a person is willing to throw away their common sense? All of these are questions which really don't have direct answers but as always I know of a way to deal with this. That is to say that if a person puts it in writing and makes it stick this is the way to set things right. It is a way to win. 

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