Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Blog - The Red Headed Step Child

To my blog, I have to apologize. I haven't spent as much time on you as I probably should. I have been spending my time with another love of mine, the film that I have been going on about. I'm sorry blog, but I had to do a lot of work to prepare for the showing of the film. The showing went well and I got a lot of good comments. Now I have to do some editing and a little bit of refilming. I really hope that I get accepted to the Mixed Roots Film Festival. Well, that is one story.

Next up, the season of the haters has begun in full swing. What it is that I get a number of haters, mostly on YouTube who seem to have two things in common.
  1. They all seem to have the same calender which they use to determine the best time for their hate mail.
  2. They all seem to work off the same script.
The first one I got was one of a person claiming to be Muslim trying to convince me to convert to Islam. It is funny how all my friends who are from Islamic families or from the Middle East are easy to get along with. These types of Muslims I get along with very well and we respect each others similarities and differences. Yet, every once and a while recent, or somewhat recent converts to Islam think that they can convince me of their religious points of view.

The next hater claimed to be a member of the fraternity I used to be a part of Phi Beta Sigma. This person sent an email with all kind of weird claims in it, not understanding the reasons why I left. In fact, this person personified some of the reasons I did leave and ended with threats against my person. Always comical and always something that seems to further press the point that sometimes YouTube can be the nexus of weirdness. lol Only one way to deal with haters.

In any case, back to my blog. I haven't felt like anything really warrented me posted to you of late. I have so much going on, but I hate to drone on to you with mundane things. At the same time there are some things of a political nature I could post on you, but sometimes I really hate politics. I prefer for the real the world to just kick in and eject the politics from life. This is what I think abot politics.

Okay, it is funny to me.

Hey My Blog, I did take recent photos that I uploaded to FaceBook......Whoops My Blog you weren't supposed to know about that FaceBook thing. Trust me, FaceBook means nothing to me. I only did it because EVERYONE kept bugging me about not being on FB. Please understand My Blog it wasn't anything personal. I do plan on getting back to you on some things that I want to write about. I promise.........because without you the Chronicles could not continue.


Anonymous said...

I laughed because I have the same problem. One of the things that keeps my blog alive is the fact that facebook doesn't really allow long comments except in the notes section.

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, I can understand that. I think one of the things that has affected my blog is working on my documentary.