Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A.M.O.P.S. Strengthening Black Men Through Nationalism

As you know it is A Month of Positive Solutions (A.M.O.P.S.) and it is now time for the second topic and that is Strengthening Black Men Through Nationalism. This is my take on how black men, especially those in America, can strenthen themselves through some basic elements of Nationalism. If you click on the video and go directly into YouTube the resources in the video are on the side description section.

More than likely there will be a commentary to explain more details on this video.


Ronia said...

Hello Ehav Ever,

I have come here from Siddity's blog.

I watched your YouTube video. I, too, have ideas about how Nationalism can be utilized to strengthen the core of the Black race (not just for BM, but BW as well). However, my concern is how to exploit the positive aspects of Nationalism without being saddled by the destructive ones (such as racism, Afrocentrcism, religious turmoil, etc.).

My thoughts are further complicated by the fact that I believe Nationalism works best in conjunction with a Separatist ideology. However, most Blacks (most PEOPLE, nevermind their race) are naturally disinclined to Separatism. I do believe that establishing a short-term (one or two centuries long) Black Separatist nation in conjunction with intensive cultural purification would provide the quickest method for racial improvement.

I don't think many Blacks would ascribe to this ideology, however.

Ehav Ever said...

Greetings Ronia,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I 1000% agree with everything you wrote. The need for a complete cultural purification is something I see as an absolute must for African Americans to strengthen themselves. That can take place by seperating themselves in America or utilizing the possibilities of trying to build something in West Africa.

Like you said though most African Americans have become comfortable with how they are in American society. Thus when one talks about divisting form it it can be met with a lot of resistance.

The time frame you place on it is exactly what I see. That is why I also beleive that it is best to start small thus I said pretty much ten families. The issue being 10 like minded families. This is how the ideology can harnessed. Also, by establishing community law with a central location for the knowledge base (in the community).

Peripeteia said...

I, too, feel that racial separatism is an absolute must if Blacks in the diaspora are to improve their lot (I believe African-Americans are in the best position to apply the tenets of Nationalism, but once the experiment is proven successful, I think all Blacks could benefit).

In many ways, I also feel that migration to Africa might be better for us all. We are told endlessly that Africa is the only home to which we are entitled, and perhaps we should embrace that rhetoric with the spirit of using our resources to build a strong Black nation on African soil.

Many people whom I discuss this with equate my notions of Separatism and Nationalism with racial supremacy or hatred. This is simply not the case. I just firmly believe that the only way for Blacks to quickly and permanently improve their lot is to decrease the amount of external interference from those peoples/races that do not have the Black race's best interests at heart.

Also, I believe there is far too much discouragement from other peoples/races. Blacks who have attained high levels of achievement on their own merit are still fighting the skepticism of their non-Black peers in the larger society. I believe that, more than anything, this is causing a great deal of pain in the Black race.

It is very difficult to encourage the next generation to betterment when the current generation is embroiled in such negative experiences.

Another problem I see is that those Blacks capable of forming, governing, and nurturing a Black Nation are generally ostracized by the majority of Blacks for their views. They are labelled with the term "elitism" as though it were a negative connotation when, in fact, it is the elite, the best and brightest of the Black race, who should be charged with leadership and vision.

In my "Perfect World", Black Americans would establish a separate nation on American soil. They would pool their resources. The areas in which Black Americans have excelled (the arts and sports) would become the economic backbone for the first generation of separatists. We would use our resources to establish excellent schools, and assist the race in valuing hard, righteous work (whether that work is brain surgery or an honest day at the coal mine).

In conjunction--- and this is the part that most find unpalatable--- we would have to enact a cultural purification. This means, whether we like it or not, that we would have to discourage breeding among a certain percentage of the Black race. In other words--- we need to increase Du Bois' "Talented Tenth" until at least 60% of Blacks can be considered leadership material capable of ensuring the continued success of the race from generation to generation.

Of course, any mention of eugenics or eugenicist ideas send people running (nevermind that self-selection is a natural phenomenon currently in evidence, and it is inherently a negative one). I am simply asserting we must guide our race's reproduction AS WELL AS its social constructs in order to build a tradition of excellence.

What are your thoughts on that point?

Ehav Ever said...

Greetings Peripeteia,

Thanks for your comment. You basically spelled out EXACTLY where I was going with this video. With the amount of capital that exists in America and with African Americans, even in those in low-income areas, have the highest potential to make a Black Nation possible. If that capital were applied in a way to support those who can migrate to African countries open to African American migration, as well as the creation of a nation that culturally represents what people want it to be.

Concerning how people view it, I believe those people should be ignored. These kind of concepts are something that can only be discussed with like minded people. I am one of those people who believe that you simply have to try and build a nation and forget about how people judge it. Those people, in some cases, are simply who really don’t want to see any change from the status quo. People who want status quo are very difficult to deal with in terms of actually trying to make change a reality.

One of the other elements about this is learning how to play the game so to speak. For example, though this video is 100% public concerning how I think such a thing could work. If some group of people were to implement it they should do so 100% underground. That is to keep what they are doing to a bare minimum of people and to simply do it. Less talk, more action.

Concerning entertainment figures and their ability to lead and also provide some of the revenue for such a venture, once again you are reading my mind. For years, I have always wondered why more high paid athletes didn’t do more towards this. Even before actors and such there are more athletes making millions and in more secure sports and sports entertainment jobs that have the capital to pretty much start their own nation, or develop one.

The points about selective breading once again on point. If let’s say, 3 communities of ten existed as I laid out in the video, were to establish arranged marriages amongst 19 to 22 year youth from those 3 communities and if the communities were linked by a common non-English language and cultural context within 2 generations there would be a completely different type of African American produced by those communities.

In short you have spelled out EXACTLY what I believe in regards to this issue. You have also spelled out many things that I knew I couldn’t directly talk about in the video. Thank you, and let’s keep this going.

Ronia said...

Hello Again,

My apologies--- I am actually "Peripeteia". It's my other blogging name.

My concern with individuals who are opposed to these concepts is that these individuals make up a large majority of the Black race. There are so few like-minded individuals, such as you and I. Are we really a large enough contingent to spark a revolution? Can we command enough power to force the rest into line?

And I am absolutely in agreement with you on organizing underground first. The most successful actions in history are those which take people completely by surprise. I think if a Nationalism movement began amongst those with resources--- both financial, intellectual, and physical--- it could gain enough momentum to force others into line.

It is not, perhaps, the most desirable method for a revolution, but I think the Black race is in such dire straits, that coercion would be necessary from the outset. I do not believe that most Blacks are aware of the race's circumstances, nor are they completely cognizant of what is best for them, as individuals.

And to those who decry a "Nanny State", my view is that most Blacks live in a custodial arrangement now, except it is the White Nanny State that cares for them.

And I am in ABSOLUTE agreement on the breeding programme. The best and brightest should produce the next generation of leaders. It would be difficult for many to ascribe to such self-sacrifice, but I believe if we could demonstrate the eventual success of the cause, more would be willing.

I have often thought that Blacks in the diaspora should learn to speak Swahili. It is a common language in Africa, and perhaps the one most accessible. I myself am trying to learn, but there is a lack of resources in my immediate area, and I am finding it difficult. It would be wonderful to see a Black boarding academy where Black African languages are taught!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Peripeteia,

No problem. I think the major issue is that without finding the 10 likeminded people (or at least 3 families) it is almost impossible to really start something. From what I know about nation building you have to have this in order for any such concept to survive. Being isolated from like minded people is a death knell for any kind of nationalism.

Without the ten like minded a person would have to create the 10 by having enough children who can go out, get married, and then form the basis for such a group. Any person not down for the cause or the program simply would need to be left behind.

Before I moved to Israel there were people who tried to convince me that I should stay in the west. Because I knew where my destiny was to be I had to ignore those people and I am the better for it.

All of this would be easier if there were a group of people who had a major amount of capital to fund such a revolution. Yet, many of the African Americans who have such are in the system, in one form or another so they could care less because they don't want to put their paycheck at risk. (That is my opinion and I could be wrong).

Just as it is easier for some people to talk about the problems but never work on solutions. Standing on problems is much easier, takes less work, and gives someone something to do with the time they don't want to use towards the solution. Thus these kind of people have ot be left behind. They will hinder any real change.

Thus the 10 are a MUST without that, nothing can really work. In my view.

Ronia said...

I believe I have the beginnings of a possible solution to the lack of like-minded individuals.

I have been giving thought for some time to opening a boarding school for Black children. The boarding school would be K-12, year-round, and the students selected from pre-schools to matriculate. The boarding school would teach a classical Western education, but also have a heavy emphasis on Black philosophy, the importance of Nationalism, and the need for all students to think of themselves as Race Ambassadors working toward improving the race.

I have always thought that it might be better if this school was not located on American soil, as White Americans would likely revolt against such a school in their backyard. I hadn't yet decided on a good location, but Africa seemed the most obvious.

It is my opinion that Black Nationalism should emphasize the repatriation of Blacks back to Africa. Not because Africa is our "home"--- many of us have never seen it--- but because the countries in which we have been born do not accept us, want us, or value us. I feel that much of the stress, anger, and ill-behaviour in the Black race stems from the knowledge that, in essence, we are a people without a homeland, still viewed as "The Other", no matter how many generations our families have occupied a country.

kush said...

Greetings family,
you have another like mind over here, I have long advocated for such actions, even initiated discussions among my immediate circles and have always been dismissed as some mere theoretician. Black are almost always not interested, it would seem tomorrow is of no consequence to us.
This can be done and it has been repeated throughout by other people, and the opportunity window ain't certainly waiting for us, it's now or never.