Thursday, October 22, 2009

A.M.O.P.S. Commentary on Erasing Racism From Jewish Communities

Continueing with my focus of A Month of Positive Solutions (A.M.O.P.S.). This is the commentary for the video called Erasing Racism From Jewish Communities. If you haven't already viewed that video you should do so first.

Erasing Racism From Jewish Communities

In this video I explore in more detail why Jews and israelis need to return to our own form of logic and reject the Western/Modern concept of race and all racist termonoloty and concepts.

I also explore the origins of the word Goy and Goyyim and how it relates to the concept of Avodah Zara that I brought up in the previous video.

The sources debunking the curse of Ham can be found here.

The Other Black Meat

The Favorite verse of Racists

Children of Hham: Kush, Mitzrayim, Put and Kenaan

Rabbi David Einhorn's Response to "A Biblical View of Slavery"


Anonymous said...

I am curious if you've heard any comments on these past two videos. I may pass these on to the people who teach Sunday school in my synagogue.

Ehav Ever said...

Greetings Makeda,

So far I have gotten a few comments. All positive. There is someone who left a message about flagging my videos, but they never explained why.

Miriam said...

Hi Ehav, I am going to watch it in the morning.

Til then, I was wondering if you ever checked out Francisco Gil-White's website

Miriam said...

That was very interesting. RAcism as avoda zara. I have to really think about that one.

I see avoda zara as a false conclusion using the same pipes of understanding in the brain.

re: modern nations who institutionalized racism. Say America. would their avoda zara have been avoda zara on money?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Miriam. Thanks for checking out the video. Concerning America's Avodah Zara, it is interesting that there was a Rabbi, Rabbi Dr. M.J. Raphall, that certain xian groups asked to prove that slavery was okay. He wrote a letter basically saying that slavery in theory was okay, but that the American system was Avodah Zara similar to the Roman system of slavery. I.e. the individual having no rights. You can read his letter here.

You can also read the response to his letter by a rabbi debunking that the enslavement of Africans was okay here.

Miriam said...

How do you find these things!

Ehav Ever said...

I am always searching for information.