Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Have to Love It

I found a long time that I was definately doing something right when the haters come out of the woodwork. I actually love it when I get hate mail, just because it makes know that I am going in the right direction when people feel that they need to contend with me. It is an interesting state of affairs, and I enjoy some of the creative hate mail I get. I sometimes wonder if people take classes in this stuff, because they all seem to follow the same script. Yet, to all the haters keep it coming. It gives me more to write about, and the videos. I can't forget the videos. Many of the videos I have been able to do are the result of hate mail. Something about getting hate mail gives me energy to work with, and I always feel more enthusiastic to do more.

I dedicate this to the haters, in the most adult fashion I know how.

Rosh Hashanna

So Rosh Hashanna just ended here in Israel, and I have to say that there is nothing like experiencing it in Jerusalem. I loved the feeling of walking through history and the things I studied today really opened up my eyes to a number of things. Many of these things are personal, and I wouldn't write about them but I am so glad to be who I am, where I am. There is one thing I will say. I once read the words of a rabbi that I have become friends with. He once wrote that there is nothing like studying Torah in Hebrew in the land of Israel, and everyday I see how correct he was in writing that. Life is a great thing for me, and I enjoy every moment of it. I always love the feeling I have coming off of Rosh Hashannah into Yom Kippur because there are so many possibilities in my life, and I love to write about all of them. Hashem has given me so much to grateful for, and I enjoy every bit of it and thus that is why I blog and VLOG.

I write about the good and the bad because it is important to record the stories of my life. There is a lot that can be told about a man from the good and the bad and how he deals with them. I am a unique person, yet we are all unique, but I am the only person like myself that I know of blogging in the way that I do. This may be one of the reason that I get heat from various weirdos, but that has been true throughout my life. That is another thing that is funny. I don't get normal haters, I get ones who come off the wall with some truely comical stuff. I sometimes just sit back and laugh at them, because I have to give them credit for their strange egos.

I guess it is like the old story goes.......

Haters beware, because no matter what you say or do, you don't want a peice of me.

If you do, I am right here in Jerusalem, Israel and The Chronciles will there. ha ha!


Ahoovah said...

שנה טובה אהב !
שנת אהבה והרמוניה


Ehav Ever said...

שלום אהובה ושנה טובה לך. תודה

Anonymous said...

For all the viewers of your blog that do not read Hebrew....what did you and Ahoovah write?

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Farabanta,

We were wishing each other a Shannah Tovah. A good year.