Friday, September 18, 2009

Month of Positive Solutions Update and More

Well, the last few weeks have been something else. I started working from home last week, and it has been a liberating feeling being able to be more open with my time to get some personal things done.

A Month of Positive Solutions Update

So I now have two videos ready for October, and the Month of Positive Solutions that I proposed. So far it looks like I am going solo on this project and maybe that is how it should be. The two videos I have ready are about Defending the Honor of Black Women. There is a main video and a commentary. I will begin posting the videos on October 1st, and continue through to the end of October.

I started working on the video about Uplifiting the Black Man through Nationalism, and I think that video will really be something else. In all of these videos I am not presenting ideas that have never been heard before, but I want to put them out there in a way so that people can stop making excuses on why they are doing the work and taking the action.

As I mentioned before, at this point in my life I am strictly action orientated, and I don't have time for talk about a problem. There is only so much time in any person's life, and I want to leave behind a legacy of action so that even if I can't accomplish a certain thing, someone in the younger generation can take my solutions and run with them.

The last two videos will be somewhat of my magnum opis in dealing with Erasing Racism from Jewish Communities and also How to Establish Peace in the Middle East. These two topics will be contraversial, and will be my greatest work in life (I think).

Concerning YouTube

I have been getting more people wanting to argue with me, and some people who simply want to discuss issues. I have even begun to respond to some in Arabic like here. Something lately has made me feel like I have to step up my game in everything. Time is a critical thing in any person's life, and I have let so much of it pass me by like the wind on a spring day. Not anymore, and I will live my life to fullest, and part of that means standing up for something. I have a number of causes that are important in my life and those things need to attention so I will give them their proper due, and let the reality that I live in wash over me like water pouring from a cup.

Concerning FaceBook

So I am back on FaceBook, although I somewhat don't want to be. In 2007 I left FaceBook because they began taking off Maale Adummim as Israel. Living in Maale Adummim at the time I refused to be a part of such a site. So I left, and it was for the best sicne I didn't really use FaceBook to the level that some people use it. I am more of a blogger and YouTube kind of guy. I get board with the social networking sites sometimes since they can get in the way of really living my life.

Yet, my martial arts teacher the Aluf Abir, and a few others kept pressing me to get on so I did. I have been told that people can't find me on FaceBook. I did a search on my name and I found myself, so I am not sure why people can't find me. You should be able to type in Ehav Ever, and find me. I would guess that it should be that easy.

Shanna Tovah

In any case tonight begins Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanna a time for the people Yisrael and the Benei Noach to draw closer to Hashem, blessed is HE, the creator of all things. It is a time to draw nearer to the reality that we all should be living under.

(Translation of the Arabic title - A little of the Jews of Israel)

May we all come out on the other side of things with much happiness and joy. So to all may you all be written in the book of Life and the book of Remembrance.

The Chronicles will continue.

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Wishing you and your family a L'Shana Tova U'Metuka!