Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abir - Qesheth Hebrew Warrior Arts (אביר)

The below video is my latest one on the Abir - Qesheth Hebrew Warrior Arts. It is a Jewish fighting technique that I have mentioned on this blog before. When I get a chance I will place a translation of the Hebrew text.

Previous posts on Abir can be found at the below links.

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Chaya said...

Are you on Facebook?

Ehav Ever said...

Helly Chaya,

Yes I am on FaceBook.

Chaya said...

What's your name on FB? I did a search for you using the name you use here - found nothing! Except my postings of course! You can find me as Chaiya Eitan!

Great work you're doing. Too bad I didn't know about you before. One of my friends was at the Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem!

Ehav Ever said...

That's interesting. I did a search on my name and I found myself. I sent you a friend request.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Speaking of kicking a$$, You've been Tagged!

Aytan said...

also couldnt find you on fb
aytan ben-pelech