Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Setting THE PLAN in Motion

About a month or two ago, I posted that I had a big decision to make about my future. The post was called Destiny and Taking Chances. I didn't post exactly what the decision was because I wanted to make sure I was walking down the right path and wasn't making a hasty decision. So yesterday the time was right and I made my decision. This scene from one of my favorite Anime, Big O, on some level explains the emotions I had about all of this.

For so long there have been so many questions about my destiny here in Israel, and much of that was clouded and shrouded in mystery because it was not yet time for me to make the decision of a lifetime. As I mentioned before in younger years I was always fearly of taking chances, but yesterday I made a decision to take one of the biggest chances I have taken in my life. Yesterday I tendered my resignation from my job in order to do the following:
  1. Spend a year working on my Hebrew
  2. Spend said year working on a documentary on my choice to move to Israel
  3. Spend said year to work on more educational videos
  4. Spend said year filming and recording to the oldest members of my family
  5. Spend said year reinventing my path in life
This is the decision, and now my future seems less cloudy. Now the show can really begin. Now I want to really begin the Chronicles of Ehav Ever. It may seem crazy for someone, in this current worldwide economic crisis, to leave behind a good paying job in order to pursue their real purpose in life. To that I say that I have to be true to myself. If not now, when? If not me, who? I can only be Ehav Ever, and for so long I had lost sight of what that meant to me. So now I have to work twice as hard to keep things afloat, but that is what has always made me, me.

Win or lose, I can at least say that I made the decision and I won't look back and wish I had taken the chance. So now it is up to me to find my destiny, and I can tell all of you I am very excited about this because........these are the Chronicles of Ehav Ever.


clnmike said...

Best wish on you journey, and Big O is one of my favorites as well.

Anonymous said...

I was surfing on the web this afternoon, and peeking at my youtube friends friends , and I found you

I love your blog and reflections on life , and you being in Israel right now .

I wish you a lot of "hochmah"and discovery in this life journey

I think you made a good decision right now, you are young, have responsabilities toward families ( kids, wife) You are free, and you have right now this opportunity !

Yallah !!

Ehav Ever said...

clnmike -Thanks. Yeah, Big O is one of the best. I love how the ending basically has people still trying to figure out what the whole thing was about.

Ahoovah - Thanks for checking out my blog, and also for the post on your blog. Thanks so much for your kind words and now the adventure can begin.

Miriam said...

I wish you much success, I think it will definitely make for true living!

You're welcome to come by us for shabbats!

Tr8erGirl said...

Good luck and lots of success! I hope you find it a most fulfilling journey!


Ehav Ever said...

Thanks Miriam and Tr8erGirl. I know that it will be an interesting journey.