Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Videos that I Just have to make

I have a LONG list of videos hat I JUST HAVE TO MAKE. This is one of the reasons that I decided that I would need to leave my job, at least as a full time employee. There is just so much out there, in terms of stereotypes and unsung history, feelings, and emotions that I feel like I need to do something drastic to make a difference. I have for a while thought off and on about doing a few things here and there, but now I see it as a moral imparative. I have been reminded so much of the words of Rabbi Isaac Sasson who once told me.

Because of your unique situation, you need to stand up against racism and
antisemitism where ever it stands in chorus. The concept of race that exists in
the western world is a myth and it has some many bogus elements to it. If there
is something, as Jews who have picked up that is incorrect or racist YOU MUST
stand against it. If there is something that is anti-semitic within in the
framework of your other ancestries you also need to stand up against it. You
don't have a choice in this matter. So now tell me what are you going to do to
stand up against these things?

For months, I remember how Rabbi Sasson would hound me about this issue. I didn't have an answer then because that was such a huge challenge to try and meet. What could I do to face off against something like that? I have my own views about race and such, but those are my views and they are not the most popular. People in the west often preferred the classical versions because they are quick, simple, and require less thinking. I also hate to debate people about things I believe in or know to be fact.

All of this changed somewhat when I moved to the Middle East. I could finally face the issues on my own home turf, with the kind of mindset that I have. Starting this blog was the second part of this change, and doing VLOGs (Video Logs) has been the latest. That is not to say that I am blind about racism and antisemitism, as it is perceived in the west, I just have less connection to either one since my life no longer has to revolve around such issues.

Yet, I still harbor a concern about issues related to them due to Rabbi Sasson's words. So I can only reply to him the only way I know how at this point. I am going to do videos abou the issue. So there are a few videos that I know I need to work on during my time away from work, and here they are.
  1. I am going to do a video basically dubunking the entire Curse of Ham mythology. I am going to prove that the concept is not Judaic in nature, and is historically false. This will have to be for 2 to 3 videos since there is so much ground to cover.
  2. I am going to do a video about how illogical racism is, especially that which can possible exists amongst SOME Jews. That is to say that there are some, not all, Jews who have picked up racist ways of talking and thinking, and at the same time they expect people to respect their rights as Jews. Because there are some Jews who have picked up racist concepts, it is being leveled against all of us. I will be putting this mindset on notice since I know exactly how to deal with this one.
  3. I will be doing a video on REAL Tziyonut i.e. Real Zionism. I have already started working on this video. I just need to start working on the audio. I am a proponet that Zionsim has been hijacked by both non-Jews and Jews who mis-represent it or have twisted it into something it was never meant to be.
  4. I will be doing a video about effective ways to deal with Anti-semitism, from the Ever family perspective. I can tell you right now, it is very rare that I call someone an anti-semites. In my mind there are some people who simply have a different perspective then me when it comes to the entire Middle East situation. In some cases me and said people agree 90%, even though they think they know what I believe as a Zionist (some of them are often surprised to find out what I believe). In other cases there are people who hate Israel, hate Jews, etc. I don't need to call these people anti-semites. I recognize them for what they are.....MY ENEMIES. Once that is established can respectfully handle each other like enemies do.

All of this while I am working on a documentary about my life, at least the part of it that led me to return to the Middle East, and to vow to remain here no matter what. So it is time to declear war on foolishness, tomfoolery, and ignorance. All of these things are vidoes that MUST do because.........These are the Chronicles of Ehav Ever.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Episode 26: What's the Deal, What's New?

This video is pretty much what I said in my last post, but in video form.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Setting THE PLAN in Motion

About a month or two ago, I posted that I had a big decision to make about my future. The post was called Destiny and Taking Chances. I didn't post exactly what the decision was because I wanted to make sure I was walking down the right path and wasn't making a hasty decision. So yesterday the time was right and I made my decision. This scene from one of my favorite Anime, Big O, on some level explains the emotions I had about all of this.

For so long there have been so many questions about my destiny here in Israel, and much of that was clouded and shrouded in mystery because it was not yet time for me to make the decision of a lifetime. As I mentioned before in younger years I was always fearly of taking chances, but yesterday I made a decision to take one of the biggest chances I have taken in my life. Yesterday I tendered my resignation from my job in order to do the following:
  1. Spend a year working on my Hebrew
  2. Spend said year working on a documentary on my choice to move to Israel
  3. Spend said year to work on more educational videos
  4. Spend said year filming and recording to the oldest members of my family
  5. Spend said year reinventing my path in life
This is the decision, and now my future seems less cloudy. Now the show can really begin. Now I want to really begin the Chronicles of Ehav Ever. It may seem crazy for someone, in this current worldwide economic crisis, to leave behind a good paying job in order to pursue their real purpose in life. To that I say that I have to be true to myself. If not now, when? If not me, who? I can only be Ehav Ever, and for so long I had lost sight of what that meant to me. So now I have to work twice as hard to keep things afloat, but that is what has always made me, me.

Win or lose, I can at least say that I made the decision and I won't look back and wish I had taken the chance. So now it is up to me to find my destiny, and I can tell all of you I am very excited about this because........these are the Chronicles of Ehav Ever.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Easy Laugh

I will admit, that when it comes to getting a laught out of me.....I am real easy. There are many things that make me laugh that some people would call stupid. Maybe it is because I am wired that way. It also seems that when I am around kids they pick up on this and they are always trying to make me laugh.

Most of my close friends have been people who are very funny. We would end up spending our time trying to make each other laugh. I once almost sent a friend of mine back to the hospital after he had a hernia surgery, because we made the mistake of joking around.

So since I am such an easy laugh here are few things that get me every time.

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