Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 23: A Message to the Haters

It has been a long time since I have gotten hate messages on this written blog. Yet, every once and a while on my VLOG on YouTube I get people who want to argue about things, call me names, etc. and I am never sure what they actually think they can accomplish with it. So in true YouTube fashion I had to make a video for the haters.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Torn Between Two Worlds

When you are culturally mixed sometimes you are torn between two competing worlds, with the chance that when you choose one world over another conflict is bound to happen. I know this well, for reasons that I often prefer not to talk to much about. Spock from the Star Trek series, to me, is a prime example of this battle of having parents from two different worlds and how one has to try and reconsile between the two. For those who don't know, Spock's mother was human and his father Vulcan. Because the cultures and the methods of thinking were so contrastingly different Spock was often caught between the need to be logical, the Vulcan side, and the emotions that existed because of the human side.

The following videos are my favorite examples of this internal battle.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Plan, A Month of Solutions...and my role

So I talked to my mother a few minutes ago about my plan that I mentioned in the previous post. (I know that as of yet I have really not said what it is, but don't worry it is coming.) We had a good discussion about it and she presented a few more things I need to add to my consideration list. I also talked to a friend of mine at work and he gave me some really strong reasons that I should push forward. More on that later.

Ehav The Talking Head

In other news, a few months ago I was interviewed for an in the works documentary about stereotypes here in Israel. This past Sunday the woman who is working on the documentary had a screening for the first edit. It was really interesting and I was really glad that for a first edit it came out so well. This has further got me thinking that I may make my own documentary about my life and maybe send it in next year for the Mixed Roots Film Festival. We shall see what happens.

A Month of Solutions?

In other news, I have been considering revisting an idea I had from back in 2007. It was then that I was inspired to try to push for a week of positive blogging. I did it along with a number of people around the world, and I think the results were really interesting. I had considered at that time of doing it every year, but I felt that on some level it had accomplished what it was supposed to.

I am now considering trying to organize something like a month of pure solutions. The angle is still in my head, but this time I am inspired by the reverse of what I mentioned in my post about how people love drama. That is people love to debate and go through drama, without ever really getting into solutions. I have even seen situations where solutions are completely skipped over in order to cotinue the debate and such. That is not all people, but I think on some level one of the reasons is because it takes less work to go on and on about a problem than it does to actually roll up one's sleaves and get to work on a solution.

So I think I am going to do the opposite. I think I am going to pick 5 things that I think could change:
  1. My immediate world. My country, community, etc.
  2. The immediate world of someone else
  3. The way the world views another group
All of the solutions would be based on my background as an Israeli and I would most likely do VLOGS (Video Logs) the solutions I come up with. I did this once with the video response about why black businesses don't survive. In those two videos I laid out the reasons I believed that African American businesses may have problems, and also what some of the solutions may be. Yet, I made the solutions a bit veiled simply because I believe that sometimes all some people need are to have things laid out in a clear fashion and then they can make their own choices. One twist I think I would add to this is that I would make a concerted effort from the time of the video till I breath my last breath to see the solution come to some level of fruition.

I feel the need to do something like this because as an Israeli I have a responsibility to do these kinds of things with my life. I will be working on this idea in the next two or more months. So that is it for now. The Chronicles will continue.
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