Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Latest

It is so funny how the written aspects of this blog are quickly becoming updates between the time when I do videos. I can't help it, but I really enjoy making the videos. I also feel that it is easier for me to express myself in video where in writing I am confined by my ability to type and how well I can make the words express what goes on in my brain. I once even experimented with that voice/typing software several years ago and that didn't work very well for me. So for a while I feel like the videos are the better way for me to do this.

So on to the latests news in the Chronicles of Ehav Ever.

Computer Updates

So I finally found a cable that I can use to recover my old hard drives from my laptop and even from some older hard drives that I had sitting around from my OLD OLD computer. For those of you who weren't checking out my blog back then, several months ago my laptop crashed and left me without access to my life which is on my computer. You can read about it here. So now I have gotten access again to all the old information, photos, fonts, etc. that were a staple of my Chronicles. So in other words.

Okay so this video has nothing to do with anything, but I found that video so funny.

Moving Soon

So at the end of July I will be moving to a new apartment. I don't know exactly where yet, but I am thinking about moving out of Maale Adummim to Jerusalem. Living here in Maale Adummim has been great, and really like it here, but it could be that I have outgrown it and I need to move into Jerusalem proper. I had offer to move into a Jewish building that was in the middle of an Arab neighborhood, but that just wasn't something I can do at this point in my life.

Pretty much every option I am looking at is in or around Jerusalem. I couldn't even imagine living more than 10 minutes away from Jerusalem. I like the vibe of Jerusalem and it may be because it is the spiritual center of Israeli and Jewish culture, but it is so hard for me to explain it. I just can't get enough of the energy I feel when I walk the streets of my country's capital. I never felt this way in any other place, and I always want to keep this feeling until my last breath.

Of course I had to go back to the resturant Coffee Joe where I found pancakes and this is how I felt.


A few months ago I was interviewed for a in the works documentary about racism, prejudice, and culturism in Israel. I may have to do a reshoot, but I really enjoyed the fact that I did it all in Hebrew. If they do the followup of me I am a bit more prepared. My Hebrew is good enough to do it, but I find that I am better if I write out my ideas first.

This also gave me the idea that I may take the video chronicles I do and make them into a documentary of myself. I may even submit it next year for the Mixed Roots Festival, so we will see. I am starting to map out what I think would be a good documentary of who I am and what I feel about things.

The Joke of the 2 State Solution

So I have been keeping up here and there on the issue of America and Europe's concept of a 2 state solution to try and solve the middle east problem. To be quite honest, after living here more than 2 years I can say that the two state solution is a joke and is not a realistic solution for the middle east. It also begs the question of what right do the western countries have to dictate to the world what is a solution.

The problems in the middle east don't revolve around Israel and our issues with the Arab world. The problems really revolve around the legacy of western powers who have spent the last several hundred years colonizing and then messing up a number of countries around the world. I think I can express this better in a video than I can in writing it. Yet, what I can tell you is that if the western world would stop feeding money into the region (both to us in Israel and the Arabs) , take back their weapons they are supplying to both sides, and let us solve our own problems the middle east would be a different place.


Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph was startling in a good way. When I was in Israel last, I brought the word "colonization" up and I was surprised to hear our Israeli guide agree with me.

It would be interesting to see what Israel would look like if parties inside did not have parties outside telling them what they "should" do. It is both a frighting and exciting idea.

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, there are a lot Israelis who would agree with you. The other word is that the 2 Billion that we get from the US is to force us into doing what they want. It is like Welfare that you get hooked onto and it is hard to get off of. I think we are coming on a day when we will break free from Western powers. I am praying and working for that day.

Cal said...

I think it would be interesting if you would chronicle your "moving" experience. Also, you never really get into maale Adumim in detail. I think it would be awesome if you would show your town/neighborhood (pics,vids) so people outside of Israel will not think that a settlement in the West Bank is a few rundown trailers and sand. PS: What are the cons (if any) of living there?

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Cal,

Thanks for checking out my blog. You make good points. In some of my 2007 posts I put up pictures of Maale Adummim. That was before I was doing videos.

You are correct though that I don't talk much about what it is like here. I thought about it at one point, but other things came up. I will see what I can do in the next few months. Thanks for the ideas.

HolyCityPrayer said...

Ehav, came across your blog again today.
I see that you (may have already) moved out for Maale Adumim. Sorry I never got a chance to meet you! But we still can - drop me a line gidon.ariel at gmail