Friday, May 1, 2009

Food for thought: Holy Pancakes

People often ask me, would I ever move back to the United States, and my answer is no. There is nothing for me there, and Israel is my home. Yet, there was one thing that I do have to admit I knew was going to be a problem. That is to say something I knew I was going to miss. What is that you ask?.......pancakes.

I love pancakes, and when I lived in the states trying to find kosher pancakes was ALWAYS a problem. Sure I could have made my own, and I did make them for Passover (that is to say the FOR Passover kind of pancakes that don't rise.) Yet, there are just some foods that I always liked to have made for me.

Maybe it harks back to my childhood when my mother would make the world's best banana pancakes, banna nut bread, and cookies. Ah yes, those were the days. That is until the evil years came when we moved to the suburbs and the pastries came to a halt, and what was once rivers of pancakes and banana nut goodness became a desert void of pastrioral delight (I know that is not a word!)

So every time I visited Israel I could never find a place that made good pancakes. There was one place I found while on a tour north of Tel Aviv, but those pancakes were nothing compared to what I had known in my childhood. There was also a place I found in 2004 in Jerusalem that made some of the best waffles I had ever had, but when I went back to them in 2007 they had become a sushi place. It was that I knew that I was going to have to say goodbye to pancakes, and thus that was the only thing I feared about living in the Middle East. The loss of good kosher pancakes.

Yet, today a light shone forth from the hills of Zion. (Literally, Jerusalem is also known as Zion.) During my time in Jerusalem today to pray at the Kotel (Western Wall) and to find some good lotion I decided to stop off in one of the local coffee/resturants where I once met a date. I thought I would just stop in and have the same brunch I had the last time. You know, eggs, toast, salad. (Here in Israel salad is also for breakfast). When they handed me the menu I was shocked to see something that I haven't seen in more than 2 years. It was a parting of the maple seas, if you will. This was a different menu that they didn't have the last time I was there. This menu had............

PANCAKES! Truly, it was a blessing that by chance I decided to go to that resturant. What joy as I sat waiting for the yummy goodness. They even had banana pancakes. Yet, the true test was the taste. One bite and a wave of emotions overflowed as I remembered my youth, with my mother making those gold cakes on the griddle and log cabin syrp (I have completely forgotten how to spell it) glistening in the sun light.

So as I ate my pancakes with salad on the side. Life took on a whole new meaning. Zion took on a whole new meaning. Truly this is my home, in the Land of Israel, the holy land, in Jerusalem, the holy city, and there are pancakes. I now miss nothing, I lack nothing, and the light of heaven has shone down on me for I have partaken in Israeli holy pancakes and thus there was joy across the land stride.


הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

It never ceases to amaze me that Americans, as well as Moroccans, Ashkenazim, Ethiopians, Russians and even Tai peoples and Philipinos can all feel totally at home in Israel.

Miriam said...

lol ! I am glad you found those pancakes.

Imagine if you ate those pancakes and then prayed at the Wall; you'd have brought on the final redemption! lol

There is a store in Jerusalem, near the neighborhood of Har Nof called Cheaper Kol where they sell alot of American products.

Anonymous said...

Just my guess but I am sure it took a severe act of will power in order to take that video before devouring the everything save the plate.

... I noticed that the clip was only a few short seconds in length. Was that all you could manage? LOL

My video would have been of an empty plate LOL

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Casper,

Been a while. It wasn't that hard to film them, and shortly after eat them. I was still in shock that they were good pancakes. I haven't had pancakes in about 2 years. Originally, I knew of a good waffle place, but they are no longer around. At first I thought I took a photo of the pancakes, but in my need to eat them quickly I didn't realize I was making them into a movie. Maybe I should have added the music from Jaws.