Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everybody Wants a Peice of Me

So if you go down to some of my previous posts you will see that I did a video on Israeli national indentity and Jewish Migrations into West Africa. Now it seems that some of the Hebrew Israelites on YouTube are offended. They are a comical bunch, and they say some really funny things. (At least it is funny to me.) I have never understood why they go out searching for conflict, but they have to realize that they can't win that one with me.

My recent Hebrew Israelite stalker has been trying to force me into taking down the videos I did, as if he could actually force me to do that. It has always interested me, as a former I am right and everyone else is wrong kind of person, how some people go out of their way to try and make themselves right and everyone else is wrong. When I was in the mode of thinking I had the answers to the universe, I kept it mostly to myself. My logic was because I was right and the world was wrong, there is no need for me to beat people up side the head with it.

I have come a long way in that regard, and maybe that is why some of these types gravitate towards trying to either prove me wrong, hurt my feelings, etc. What they don't realize is that they can't hurt my feelings, only I have the power to do that. Also, what they don't realize is that when a person confronts me to debate me, especially when I know I am right, I will take the debate to all kinds of angles and I won't stop until they get tired of dealing with me. I am methodical, I take my time to craft my arguements, and I respond without reacting. (Yes I was on the debate team in high school.) I have also had a lot of experience with getting emails from people who disagree with my views, even though I don't try to force anyone to accept my views. Yet, this whole situation has given me some ideas for some new videos.

Note: All of the above took place on YouTube.


Tr8erGirl said...

Which video did they take issue with specifically?

Ehav Ever said...

The one about Israeli National Indentity, and the ones of Jewish migrations into West Africa. They pretty much have a problem with anything and everything. I was reading about how some of them are now physically attacking peoples and stuff.

Anonymous said...


Forget actually trying to have a discussion of any sort with them,as they are quite incapable of such.

What? I didn't realize they have started physically attacking people.

Righteous indigence causes bad things to happen.So,unfortunately,
I'm not surprised.

Forget them.
I indeed understand that that is easier said than done when you are being stalked.

Keep on posting your videos,as I am sure you will.
I for one enjoy them and I am quite certain that I'm not alone.


Ehav Ever said...

Greetings Ozeri,

I think I may have given the wrong impression. This all took place on YouTube. The particular Hebrew Israelite kept sending me messages challenging the videos, and also claiming that the Hebrew Israelites are the real Israelites. I have dealt with his type before, and they are real easy to figure out. I just won our YouTube show down because I exposed the fact that he didn't know some of the things he initially claimed he did. I planning on taking the back and forths and making them into a PDF on the net so other people can see how easy it is to beat these guys in a debate.

Yet, some of these Hebrew Israelites are getting violent. I have heard of them doing some real violent things to some people. You see an article about their inanity here.

Anonymous said...

They are fools...they may seem harmless, however, they are spreading the stupidity...

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, some of the highly cultured (old school) Hebrew Israelite community (in America) MIGHT someday be interested in authentic Torath Moshe, even thought it is not our job to reach out to them. Regarding the harassment, have no fear - Your G-D is near. Nothing will happen to you, if you keep doing things for the sake of miswoth. Your videos seem genuine and open, and I hope you keep making them. Many blessings to your Beth Kanasath too.

Shabbath Shalom from Galuth

Ehav Ever said...

Cheron - Hey Cheron. Thanks for checking out my blog. I didn't know you had a written blog. I will add it to my blog list. Some of the HI are actually becoming violent. When I lived in NYC I heard about a group of them that attacked an Ethiopian Israeli girl. I have met many variety of them, and some of them are simply misguided and some of them are a little crazy. Yet, one can find that anywhere in the world.

Amos - Thanks for your kind words. You are exactly right. I am not worried about them. Here in Israel they aren't a big deal. It is only in America where I would just simply avoid any contact with them. I will definately keep making the videos. I really enjoy doing them, and I really feel like I am a part of making history with them.