Monday, March 2, 2009


Greetings all. I keep looking at my blog and noticing that it has a been a while since I put together any kind of post whether it be video or written. I have a few video ideas, but they will take a bit of time to put together so all is not lost. The problem on some level is the motivation. Maybe I need someoen singing songs like this to me in the background of my life.

Johnny Bravo and Mr. T

It is cold here in Israel right now, and it has been raining a lot (Thank G-d). Cold is like cryptonite for me and I tend to want to sleep more. I am also working on improving my flexibility and my Hebrew verb by verb.

Other than that I recently went spent the weekend at Maale Shlomo in the Shomron area. It was really beautiful and I was able to climb one of the semi mountain/semi hills there. The view of both sides was simply breathtaking and I wished so much I could have taken photos. I will go back when it is warmer and take some photos.

On another note, I recently came across an old video that I was once in love with. It is called ህዝበ ለህዝበ ኢትዮጲያ in English that is the People to People tour. It is the Ethiopian Dance Troupe from about 1987/1988. After the various countries of the world sent aid to Ethiopia during one of the worst droughts in their history they sent their dance troupe around the world to perform in a thank you kind of performance. I used to have the version they did in Wasington DC on VHS until the taped messed up. I learned pretty much every Ethiopian dance from this video. It was to the point where when I traveled to Ethiopia in 2001 all of my friends there were amazed that I knew all all the local dances. Here are my favorite parts of the performance.

People to People Tour part 1

People to People Tour part 2

People to People Tour part 5

So other than that, I promise there will be more soon. I have a videos in the planning stages so please be patient with me. Until then the Chronicles of Ehav Ever continue.....

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