Friday, February 13, 2009

The Happenings - מה חדש

I am still not exactly "back" yet. There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks. I thought about posting some things and then changed my mind. I thought about doing a series of videos on my take on race, and then I changed my mind. Of course as usual the Everybody Wants a Peice of Ehav Ever train has been chugging along, but at this point I don't mind.

So What's Nu?

As many of you may know the national elections have come and gone here in Israel. As I mentioned in a previous post my vote was for Ichud Leumi. What you did not know was that I have been politically active in Ichud Leumi. This for me is an interesting change. When I lived in America I stopped voting YEARS ago because I hate politics and I didn't believe in the system. Here in Israel, I still hate the politics, but not being politically active here can be the difference between life and death, more war and less war, and corruption and less of it. As you can tell some things need to change, and I decided that I want to be part of that change. I just don't want to live in a country where the political scene looks like this.

So during the election I was is called in Hebrew a (משקיף) Mashqif for Ichud Leumi. What this meant was that I was authorized to go and check out the voting stations and make sure that things were okay with the voting ballets as well as sitting in at times to oversee the voting process. This also included helping and overseeing the counting of the votes. It seems like we have millions of political parties here and it makes you feel like this. trying to fiture them all out.

All and all, this was an EXTREMELY interesting and educational process to see. from the inside I will do a video on all of this later.

Ehav Ever the Film Maker/the Talking Head?

So I am working on a documentary of sorts, but none of you will ever be able to see it. I quess I can't exactly call it a documentary. It is more like a training video for the martial art, Abir, that I train in. The version of it that I am working on now is one for my own private use at home so I start making some more advanced progress in the next couple of months. I stopped training, outside of class, for a few weeks because of the election. Now I am back and ready for action. Working on this video has been liberating for me, and my creative juices, especially since I had a recent situation that had me feeling down for a week or two. I will have to decide if I want to share that or not.

Now with the experience I am gaining with this training video, I may just start working on my own documentary. You know, actually take the Chronicles of Ehav Ever on the road and do what I am currently doing but in locations and making into an oddessy. I just have to figure out the central theme. If any of you have ideas on what I should film and talk about let me know.

Next, about a week ago I got an interesting message on my blog of someone who wants to interview for a documentary on prejudices in the Middle East. I spoke with the woman putting the project together and it a really interesting sounding project. It looks like I will be interviewed as a talking head and also on my experiences. She found my blog through a friend who found my blog. Wow the world is such an interesting place.

Get Off Your Butt and Get Back to the Hebrew!

So I fell off the wagon a bit. I have spent the last few weeks not getting my Hebrew more fluent. For a while I accepted where I was and just simply passed through and spoke Hebrew with the people I normally speak with and English with the few people that I am so used to speaking English with. Yet, now I can't just sit back and be satisfied with my current level. I need to get back into action. So the (כפפות) gloves are coming off and it is time to get back to it. I have waisted to much time in the last few weeks being lazy. I am getting back to study of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic like never before. I have got to get organized and take charge of the time.

So with that the Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue, and the Vlog's are coming back with a vegence in just a few weeks.

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Ehav Ever featured on Israel National Radio speaking at the OU Israel Center. Check it out here:

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Thanks for the information. I will put up a post about it soon.