Sunday, January 11, 2009

Episode 8: My Israeli Reality Part 2

Greetings all. I am back. I have a new computer and the video Chronicles will continue. I want to thank everyone for their concern and prayers. It means a lot to me to have so many people who are concerned.

Episode 8 is me talking about some of the historical issues concerning Gaza, and the war that is now going on there. There will be another video after this one to pull the ideas together as well as give more historical background so stay tuned for Episode9 coming soon.

The following video gives an Israeli perspective on what lead to the current war.


Batya said...

How do you make such complicated videos? I'm lucky to get a 32 second thing uploaded?

Good post.

Ehav Ever said...

Hi Batya,

Thanks. I have a program called VideoSpin. It is free. It allows you to take video, pictures, and audio and make them into movies. I also use PowerPoint for the graphics, and that is pretty much it. I also have a good digital camera. What I often do is plan out, to some degree, what I want to talk about so I can have my ideas organized. After that it was pretty much trial and error as well as learning how to edit.