Sunday, December 28, 2008

War with Hamas in Gaza

Unless you have been under a rock, by now you may have heard that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are fighting against Hamas and various terrorist elements in Gaza. This was a long time coming, and in some ways is a bit too late. Arab terrorists in Gaza have been firing rockets at bordering Israel towns since the Israeli disengagment in 2005. It is estimated that almost 6,000 or more rockets have been fired in the last 7 years at Israeli citizens from Gaza Terrorists. About 4,000 rockets have been fired by terrorists in Gaza since the disengagement in 2005 with little or no response from Israel. Many of the terrorist fire rockets from civilian populated Arab neighborhoods, so that Israel can not easily respond.

At least 80 Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft, including both jets and helicopters, struck pre-selected targets in Gaza, reportedly dropping at least 100 bombs. According to Arab sources in Gaza, the death toll there is 205. Hamas sources predicted that the body count would reach 350. Among the targets was a Hamas ceremony for graduates of a paramilitary course. Gaza terror squads kept firing rockets at Israeli civilians. One of these rockets hit a home in Netivot, killing one civilian -- Beber Vaaknin, 58 -- and wounding six others.
The offensive began eight days after a six-month truce between Israel and the militants expired. The Israeli army says Palestinian militants have fired more than 300 rockets and mortars at Israeli targets over the past week, and 10 times that number over the past year.

The IDF Spokesman published the following announcement in the early evening hours:

"Since this morning, the IDF attacked dozens of targets affiliated with the
Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip. The targets included command
centers, training camps, various Hamas installations, rocket manufacturing
facilities and storage warehouses. The vast majority of the casualties are
terror operatives; most of whom were wearing uniform and working on behalf of
terror organizations."

Israeli police say a missile from Gaza hit near the city of Ashdod in the deepest missile strike inside Israel yet. Regional police spokeswoman Sarit Philipson says she was driving home Sunday when she saw the missile hit the ground near Ashdod, about 23 miles from Gaza. In Gaza, Hamas claimed responsibility for firing the missile.
Gaza's Hamas rulers have been stockpiling weapons in recent months, including medium-range missiles. Until Sunday, the deepest targets inside Israel had been the city of Ashkelon and the town of Netivot, which are closer to Gaza.

Topsy Turvy
Just like clock work various countries, many of which have really bad human rights records, are decrying the Israeli response. Countries like Russia have a lot of nerve acting like we Israelis are in the wrong for responding. Russia recently waged war against Georgia and they somehow have the right to tell us what to do when we sustain continiued attacks from terrorists. Many of the Arab nations are decrying us, but many of them have a historical hand of involvement in the situation.

The Sudanese foreign ministry issued a statement calling for an end to the Israeli attacks that it described as "brutal raids" and saying Arab states should take a unified stand to protect the Palestinians."

Ehav's Note: The Sudanese government has a LOT of nerve with such a statement. With all they have been doing in Darfur, and no missles were fired at them.

Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal called Saturday night for a "third intifada" against Israel, speaking from Damascus following the IAF attack on Gaza earlier in the day. According to Channel 2's Arab affairs correspondent, the strategy of the terrorist group is to ignite rioting in Judea and Samaria as well as inside Israel, with the aid of the Islamic Movement.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the IDF to open the Kerem Shalom Crossing Sunday morning in order to enable international humanitarian agencies to deliver supplies into Gaza.
Thirty trucks bearing medical supplies, basic food commodities and other humanitarian goods are scheduled to make their way through the crossing beginning at 11:00 a.m.

"As the prime minister said yesterday, we are not at war with the Palestinian people, but with the Hamas terrorists, and therefore we are bringing in the goods for the Palestinian people," noted IDF Major Peter Lerner, Defense Ministry Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories."

This is a reality that has been coming for a long time. It is also the result of the no-Jew zone policy that has been the agenda of the West, most Arab nations, and even the Israeli government.

That is to say that when one says that the only way to have peace with Arabs is for Jews to be forbidden to live in lands that have always been native to Jews, these are the results. The idea of forcing Jews out of Gaza was that it would make Israel safer and it would be a step on the road to peace. The goal of this plan is to create an Arab nation called Palestine by forcing Jews out of places where Jews have always lived. Yet, Arabs can live in either Israel or in the Arab areas that they want to call Palestine. The reality is that Jewish blood has been meaningless for the last thousand years, and that must be realized by us.

In order to really understand the roots of this conflict you have to understand the history of the Jewish presense in the Middle East, and also the failures of past attempts of peace with the various Arab nations that surround us. The following links a good start here and here.

I will have more thoughts about all of this soon. For the moment I have so many emotions about all of this that I may need to make a video in order to express. So with that.....The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will cotinue.


clnmike said...


I forgot you were out there dude.

I hope you and yours are safe and stay that way.

Messed up world we live in.

I always try to avoid the topic of Isreal.

You how ever have no choice in the matter.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey clnmike,

We are all okay here for now. Some people are bracing for possible Arab retaliation. I know that Hashem (G-d) will give us strength to endure. So if anything pray for us.

KMyles said...

Be safe Ehav..


Ehav Ever said...

Thanks KMyles. God willing, I will do my best.

Tr8erGirl said...

Stay safe!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Tr8erGirl. I will do my best. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just let me know if the western wall of Solomon temple comes down.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Casper,

Actually, the Kotel (Western Wall) is only the wall of the retaining foundation of where the Temple stood. Where the Dome of the Rock is right now is where the Temple used to stand. Yet, if anything happens at the Kotel I will let you know. I am going to have a video up in a few days of more thoughts so stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for peace..I just saw an Arab father (wearing a NY Yankees skull cap...interesting) as each of his 5 young daughters who were all killed were brought out of their home that had been destroyed.. Devastating..The deaths of innocent children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ehav, I've been worried about you since this began, and I am praying for all of you. Take care my friend.

Shavonne said...

Wow, Ehav.

I hope we all we see peace over there in our lifetime. I won't hold my breath.

Stay safe.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Shavonne,

Peace is a complicated thing here in the Middle East. The West has a view of things here that don't really match up with the reality. I will talk about this soon. I will stay as safe humanly possible. (smile) Thanks for the concern.