Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video Response: Commitment and Marriage

This is my first video response on YouTube. It is a response to a video titled Understanding The Male Species - Pt 3/Marriage by YouTube user BaldButWigged. I couldn't put the video in my blog, but the link to the video is here.

So below is my video response to her video.


clnmike said...

Well said indeed, it's about being ready, if your not your not.

Ehav Ever said...

Thanks clnmike. I am going to be making another video to deal with her first question.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, nice to hear a man's point of view on this topic. (I love your voice...I have a thing for voices, just ignore me!)

I tagged you:

Ehav Ever said...

Thanks BHC. I am feel all special now you are the second woman to say they like my voice. I am going to have to do more videos to supply the demand.

Tagged???? How can I be tagged? Didn't you retire from blogging? What's next am I going to find that Mex Deux Cents has returned also?