Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introducing Y-Love - Again

When I was a kid I loved hip hop. I loved it so much I did it for a number of years before I gave it up in college. I still have some love for hip-hop but only things that remind me of my path as an Israeli. That means that I predominately listen to Israeli hip-hop, or the stuff from my childhood like Whodini, Fresco and Miz, Blood of Abraham, Black By Demand, WISE Guys, Isis aka Lin-Que, MC Lyte, Chubb Rock, 3rd Base, Eric B and Rakim, etc.

So there is a rapper that I have been hearing about a lot and that is Y-Love. I have mentioned his blog before, but now I would like to present some videos about him. The following videos are Y-Love doing what he does best. He also has a blog called This is Babylon.

Introducing Y-Love

Y-Love Live over Dead Prez at Purchase!

Y-LOVE LIVE SHOW w/ Jake Break & dj handler


Miriam said...

Hey Ehav, great videos!

Have you seen the blog "Arms of Moses"?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Miriam. No I don't think I have seen that one.