Sunday, December 7, 2008

Episode 6: Traffic Wars Part 2

This is Episode 6: Traffic Wars Part 2. More talk about things while I am in traffic.


Rachel said...

I'd swap my 45 minutes of traffic each morning out here for your traffic in Israel in an instant!

Btw, the part about driving in traffic developing leg strength... I'd say more like knee pain. :O

Tr8erGirl said...

I agree with rachel regarding swapping traffic! But, geez - was that all in one day??

Great opening sequence BTW!

Ehav Ever said...

Rachel - I felt the same way for a while, but after the meaningless construction started in Jeru, it just became plain old TRAFFIC. I had knee pain when I was first assigned the smaller car I have. Yet, after a while I noticed that my right side kicks are a lot stronger. lol

Tr8erGirl - See comment above. lol Yes, that was actually one day. The traffic was bad enough for me to make a YouTube video based on it. ha ha! Yet, wait until you see Part 1 coming soon.

Thanks, I also like what I did on the opening sequence. That scene from the Mummy Returns is one of my favorite ancient battle scenes.