Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remembering Those Lost in Mumbai

Words can't realy express the horror that terrorist have recently unleashed in Mumbai over the last few days. It is truly sad to see that there are people who will murder people regardless of who they are and what they do. For those who think that terrorist need to be understood or appeased Mumbai is proof that none of that works. So in memory of those who were murdered and so that people don't forget here are some videos to keep it fresh in our memories.

For more insight go to Reveda's blog entry My Nation Under Attack.‎


Anonymous said...

Hello Ehav,

My name is Reveda and I am a 27 days old girl on this blog. My father is writing this blog for me from my perspective. In a way he is my voice till i get one. Let me be honest that I was horrified to see the Mumbai tragedy unfold in front of my eyes. I feel bad for young Moshe and pray to God that may He gives him and his grand-parents strength to bear this irreparable loss. I have tried to put my feelings under-

On a personal note my father is a great fan of Israel and its hard working residents. We have a tremendous respect for your religion.

Take care,

I will try and contribute in whichever way i can to your noble cause.

Best regards

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Reveda,

I thank you for your comment. It saddens that our peoples, yours and mine, have had to suffer this way. It is really sad that there are people who are enemies to basic humanity. It is my hope that both are countries can stand together united against those who still remain that perpetrated these acts. I am going to add your blog post as a link to mine.

God bless.

Reveda Prisha Umankshi Bhatt said...

Thanks Ehav

Miriam said...

Hi Ehav,

This is too deep for words. What hurts more is all the finger pointing of some CIA conspiracy.

I am so sad, such pointless killings of human, living, emotional, thinking, real lives.

All hands should be raised against terrorism and its disregard for life.

Tr8erGirl said...

Miriam is right.....there are no words....

Ad mosei?

(thanks for the videos...I hadnt seen a couple of them..)

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Miriam and Tr8erGirl. I think we are all in a time of hardship. Mumbai, the lack of rain here in Israel, and the violent expulsion of Jewish families in Hevron. It is true that on many levels there are no words, but instead I feel there is a need for action.

Last night I was training in Abir in a park down the street from where I live and a large group of kids were hanging out there. Some of them saw what I was doing and started asking about it. I told them about it and a few of them wanted to learn some of it. So I started training a number of them. Some of them I had to really calm down since they were really hyper. Some of them were extremely vulger. Even a few of them kept trying to catch me off guard by trying to attack me from behind to see what I would do.

Several of them tried attacking each other, and I grabbed one of them and told him that this is training. I explained to him that Am Yisrael are not enemies, so why would he want to try and hurt someone who isn't his enemy. I explained to him halakhah on the matter, and really did seem to listen and seemed a bit remorseful. There were a few girls there that asked about how they could defend themselves as girls. I showed them, and one then was attacked by a boy that I tried to calm down. She came to me and said, that boy attacked me. I said which one? She said the one laid out on the ground. I looked over and there he was on the ground. So I had a talk with him.

My analysis of last night is:
1) Some of those kids parents are simply letting their kids run wild.
2) Some of those kids are acting out, and they need to be shown that they are not as tough as they think.
3) Some of those kids are seeking something more, and they simply need to be shown a better way.
4) Some of them are so far gone, that it would take something big for them to turn around.

At the end of the night I realized something, that has come across my mind lately. The real battle that we face now is one of ourselves. There are those that say when Am Yisrael ignore the Torah the nations will rise up against us. Last night also showed me that much of problems are that some of our number have bought into all kinds of illusions, and this is a problem. Another issue is that we need to realize who are friends are in the world and who they are not.

I believe that we as Jews need to reach out to our friends in India. India has always been a safe haven for Jews. India is one of the few places where we Jews have never faced antisemitism. So the people who did this in Mumbai are also against the people of India.

So in honor of those who were murdered in Mumbai, I am going to dedicate myself to action since the time for words is over. I am not really sure what or how, but maybe the blog is a part of it. Maybe, training those kids from last night is a part of it. Maybe, making sure that my personal story is out there somewhere is a part of it.

Shabbat Shalom to you both.