Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogs to Check Out

One more note before I go to bed tonight. I don't often talk about other blogs as much as a should. Yet, there are a few blogs that either have kept my attention since I started blogging or I have recently come across.

First up, is Y-Love's blog. Y-Love is an African American Hassidic Jewish Rapper. His blog covers a number of topics from Jewish issues to political issues. Check him out and you may learn something new.

Second up is that mix of cool, funny, and informative blog Jewliscious. If you have read my blog long enough you will find a video of Dave from Jewlisious during the Jewish Blogger's Convention that took place in Jerusalem a few months ago. Jewiliscious is really a bomb site for the modern Jew who is hip, cool, and doesn't run from his/her Jewish roots. So check them out.

Third up is Invisible Woman's Black Cinema at Large Blog. I have been a fan of the Invisible Woman for some time now. Her blog is witty, funny, and very informative concerning the issues of Black cinema, or the lack of it, in America. She also has some lingo that really makes me laugh. You will never have a dull moment reading her blog. So check out her blog and tell her that Ehav Ever sent you.

Last up is a blog a just came across about a week ago. As soon as I saw the title I knew I had to stop by and take a look. This blog is She Blinded Me with Science. This is the blog of The Science Girl. She is currently a student somewhere in Chicago. Sorry I don't know more, but this is a blogger's world.

So I hope you enjoy some of the blogs that I have been enjoying of late. There will be more to come. Until then...........The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue.


Invisible Woman said...

Thanks for the shout :-)

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

No problem. Thank you for having such a cool and fun blog.