Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Kind of Tag

So I got tagged by Invisible Woman today. Though I am not a big fan of being tagged, when it comes to movies I will do it whole heartedly. I am a big movie buff, and I am very picky about movies. Also, about half of my English is made up of movie quotes, so how could I turn down Miss Invisible Woman on something like this.

So the tag is to come up with the ABC's of my favorite films, called "The Alphabet Meme", started by Blog Cabins.

A - Airplane

B - Batman Begins

C - Cooley High

D - Death on the Nile and Dark Knight, The (This was a HUGE toss up for me so I had to include both.)

E - Event Horizon

F - Five Deadly Venoms, The

G - Goonies, The

H - Hav Plenty

I - I Am Legend

J - Johnny Dangerously

K - King Kong Lives

L - Lost Boys, The

M - Meteor Man

N - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

O - Outsiders, The

P - Purple Rain

Q - Quarrel, The

R - Raiders of the Lost Ark

S - Snake Eyes

T - The Chronicles of Riddick

U - Uptown Saturday Night

V - Van Helsing

W - When We Were Kings

X - X -Men

Y - Yeelen

Z - Zoro, The Mask of

Doing this made me realize something. Many of my favorite movies start with the letters D, S, and T. The hardest movies for me were K and Z so I wouldn't exactly say those two are the best.

So now I need to tag 5 people. I choose the followig bloggers.

Jacob Da Jew

Light-Skinned-ed Girl

The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor


Artsy Wings, Loops and Things

So stay tuned because the Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue.


clnmike said...

These were good choices.

Ehav Ever said...

Thanks clnmike.

clnmike said...

Im finished.

Siditty said...

I totally forgot about Uptown Saturday Night and Let's Do It Again. You couldn't stop Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier.

Tr8erGirl said...

I only saw I Am Legend! I got a late start with movies - but some of yours sound interesting - Ill add to my "list"!

Ehav Ever said...

Siditty - Yeah, I didn't think about it until I saw it on Invisible Woman's list. It was truly a classic.

Tr8ergirl -I initially did not think Will Smith could pull off I Am Legend. I was initially not a fan of his movies, but his work in the last 3 years has really turned me around. I really enjoyed it.

So I guess you can considered yourself tagged now also, so get to work! Please. lol

Invisible Woman said...

I am Legend almost made my favorite I, but I might not ever watch it again even tho I loved it. To qualify on my list, I had to have seen it 2-3 times or more already...that was the only way I could really choose.

You have some interesting titles on here :-)

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

I did end up watching it twice. I think in part because I haven't been to a movie since I moved here. I also was curious to see how they would end I Am Legend. I didn't think they would have a Will Smith type die at the end. I know you like the ending where he lives, but I like the one where he dies just because most of the whole idea of him longing for his family.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Thank you very much for the honor...I don't know how soon I'll get to it, just started a new/old job again.

Martine Joelle said...

thanks dear. oh yay just got your comment, I'll do it right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list Ehav. The Five Deadly Venoms is definitely on my list!

Ehav Ever said...

Jacob - Take your time buddy. I'll still be here.

Martine - No problem beautiful. I will be awaiting your list.

BHC - I knew that one would get you to come out of hiding. Check out Clnmike's list. He has the Kid With the Golden Arms.

SolShine7 said...

Batman Begins and The Outsiders, good picks! I'll be posting my list soon.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Solshine7. Thanks. I will be looking forward to your list.

Anonymous said...

Event Horizon was a freaking GREAT movie. Creepy as hell!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Casper. Yeah, it was creepy. It was one of those creepy ones that you have to just see again to get just how creepy it is.

Invisible Woman said...

Re. I Am Legend; wrong--I liked the one where he dies! It was much more interesting and realistic...I think you have me confused with another one of your girls :-)

Ehav Ever said...

Are you sure? I am going to have to go back through my blog black book. I thought you did a post with the alternate ending saying that you liked it Lisa......I mean Sharon....I mean Invisible Woman. lol

Then again. Which ending showed up in the movies, the one where he lives or the one where he dies? I saw I Am Legend on YouTube, so I am not sure which one was the theatrical and which one was the alternate.