Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hey All. Sorry for the delay in the video log, but I had a huge emergency. The monitor on my laptop died on me. As I contemplated what I should do I began to realize that my entire life is on my laptop, and that is when madness began to ensue. Yet, there was a light at the end of madness. I went out and bought a new 20" monitor and even a new Canon digital camera. My current camera has had a broken screen for a number of months. So now with my computer area/library looking like the Bat Cave this week the Chronicles will continue.

In the meantime, I have to admit something. I love Snicker's commercials. They seem to come up with some of the weirdest ideas that make me laugh. So here are the latest offerings.

Snickers Feast - Entire Movie

Batman snickers ad

Snickers Great Googly Moogly


Miriam said...


Ehav, I used to blog and read blogs late in the night, but now with this vlogging, I have to get some headsets so as not to wake up anyone! lol.

take care!

Ehav Ever said...

Trust me when I tell you it often doesn't stop there. Next you be buying a scanner, and then a camera. Next thing you know you will be Vlogging also. (smile) I just got my mother setup on Skype, but now the hard part is getting her to use it instead of calling me on my phone. I tell you technology.

Batya said...

Good luck with your new toys/tools. Which camera did you get? I still love my 620, though it's heavy.

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Batya,

Thanks. I bought the Cannon Digital IXUS 901S. It is real similar to the Cannon camera I had before. I also made sure to buy a bigger memory card since doing these videos can take up some memories. I feel like a regular film maker right now.