Monday, October 20, 2008

Episode 2: Speech and The Way I Talk


B.BarNavi said...

I know of another Jewish "brother" who became Teimoni... then waxed towards Western Sephardi and back and forth.

What Sephardic ancestry are you, and what made you choose Yemenite minhag?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey B.Barnavi,

Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. Part of my family, Lyons, were from Portugal. I know that one part of the Lyons family moved to several places in Europe before they came to America. Another part of my family were from Senegal. They originally came from Mali, where there were some Sephardim from Morocco and Spain in the 1700's.

I chose Temani because according to the accounts in the Tarikh Es Sudan (History of West Africa) the first Jewish community in the region was from a small group of Yemenite Jews. Later groups of course became predominately Sephardi. Also, my father died when I was 3 so that pretty much left open my choices in terms of tradition. I still maintain contacts with the Sephardi side of things.

that is the short version.

B.BarNavi said...

Very nice. I chose Edot haMizrah with Persian leanings because the Kaifeng Jews originated from that community. However, my hazzanut style is FAR from Chinese - it's pretty Middle Eastern!

As for your "accent"... I can't tell because you were already leyning in a Temani accent! Maybe if you spoke some modern Hebrew, I could determine if you had an accent. (I'm pretty good with these things.)

Ehav Ever said...

Hey B.BarNavi,

Is your family from Kaifeng? I really find the interesting of the Jews of Kaifeng interesting. So you pray Farsi, interesting. When I lived in New York, I always wanted to visit the Farsi Beit Keneset in Manhattan, but I never got around to it.

I asked a friend of mine recently if she heard a difference when I spoke Hebrew and she said yes. I think it depends on how comfortable I am at the time. I sometimes get nervous when I am talking into a camera in a public place.

I am going to do some speaking in Hebrew on an upcoming episode about my quest to get more fluent. I was going to include some talking in Episode 2, but it got cut in the editing process since it didn't flow well with everything else in the video. I am going to go to Jerusalem in the morning to do some filming so that one will include some Hebrew. Stay tuned.

Rachel said...

Hey Ehav,
I like this video idea.
I loved this one especially because you got some shots of Israel in the background... you think you could continue incorporating them into your videos? ;)

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Rachel,

I am glad that you liked the video. Your wish is my command and the next videos of will all have shots of Israel. I will talk to my location manager, i.e. me and see what we can do for you. (smile)

Rachel said...

You know you rock, right? :)

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, I know. lol


B.BarNavi said...

Ehav, I have no roots in Kaifeng. My family is Taiwanese, Hakka on one side and Hokkien on the other.