Saturday, October 11, 2008

So, What's Nu?

I know what you are probably thinking. What is going on with Ehav and this recent on and off blogging? First, my calender is filled with recent Jewish holy times, not to be confused with holidays. Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and this week Sukkoth. I also have a lot of things going on at work, as well as some serious studying that I have been needed to do for some time. Yet, fear not I am still in the blogging mood and there is still a lot to talk about. Here a few things that I can share until I get the other things in order.

Anna's Visit

A few weeks ago a friend of mine from France came to Israel to visit her sister and to interview with some companies in Tel Aviv. Her name is Anna and we met in New York more than a year ago before I moved to Israel through an organization I am involved with called Fuel For Truth. We went out one night, and I showed her my old hang out spots near the beach in Tel Aviv.

Anna and Ehav in Tel Aviv

Blog Heaven

I have a number of things that I have been considering blogging about, but for a while I was a bit down. You see, some of my favorite bloggers have called it quits and I have contemplated where do blogs go when they are laid to rest?

Two of my favorite blogs/blog friends Mes Deux Cents and Bohemian Abstractions have thrown in the towel. Mes Duex Cents had been on a blog hiatus for a while, so I kind of figured that her blog was nearing its end. Bohemian Abstractions recently caught me by surprise. Both of these bloggers have been my favorites and they were both instrumental in inspiring and taking part in last year's A Week of Positive Blogging. It was truly great being able to read both of those blogs and I will miss them dearly. The blogsphere won't be the same without them.

Rioting in Akko

Maybe you have heard, and maybe you have not heard, but over Yom Kippur there has been rioting in Akko, in northern Israel. The source of the riots is a bit complicated if you have never lived in Israel, but Arutz 7 has some articles about it starting here and here. This is one of the difficulties about this idea of the two state solution and the reality that the fast way to go to jail in Israel is to hurt an Arab. The quickest way to get off here in Israel is to be an Arab and to hurt a Jew. The laws here are funny that way, and though you may hear differently in the West, living here and seeing it for myself has been a real shocker.

New Software

I recently got my hands on some great software called VideoSpin. It allows one to take videos, photos, music, etc. and put them together in a number of video formats. I have to tell you that this software is the BOMB! I have done two videos for my martial arts class Abir, and I feel like I could be the next big movie maker. Now I am going to have to do more videos of myself here in Israel. So Speilberg and Lucas look out, Ehav Ever may start giving you a run for your money.

This software is a lot better than what I was using before to do videos. Prior to this golden find I was using a program to convert power point to video. That software was tired and outmoded. It often took me ages to try and get the time just right with the music, and lately since I updated to Microsoft Office 2003 the audio on that software doesn't work. Yet, now with VideoSpin all my prayers have been answered.

If you are looking to try to put your videos into one package along with photos and audio I HIGHLY recommend it. It was easy to learn and it is extremely powerful. Also, did I mention it is free? When I get permission from my Abir instructor I will post the videos I made with VideoSpin. I also have a video of my 1 year of living in Israel in pictures and video, that I will post tonight when I get home from work. Until then.....

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue......


Anonymous said...

Ehav, You are such a sweetie!(I miss my blog too!)

I want to continue blogging, but life is a bit much for me at the moment. I have been thinking about trying to blog again at some point, and making the blog private. If I do that I will email the password to you and a few other people.

Peace! :-)

Lisa said...

I miss them both too!!! I certainly understand having to stop for awhile, though. Have you thought about another week of positive blogging this year?? Maybe we can talk them into coming back for that week :)

Ehav Ever said...

BHC -I can completely understand. Like I mentioned before I have contemplated closing down my blog several times recently. One of the main arguments that I got for keeping mine "alive" was from Thembi at WWTD. She basically said, "How many people like yourself are blogging from Israel?" That was the main reason I continue. If you do a private blog be sure to let me know.

Lisa -Been a little while. I thought about doing the WOPB, but I couldn't come up with anything in terms of topics. I also think a lot has changed since last year, and on some level it accomplished its original goal, at least in my mind. The more I thought about it the more I felt like it couldn't be topped.

Invisible Woman said...

No more Bohemian Abtractions?!!! Say it ain't so--dang! :-(

On another note, you look like you've lost weight--lookin' good!

Miss S. said...

Hey that is a great pic of you! Tell Abir I said "shalom"! ~Shona~

Ehav Ever said...

Hi Shona,

Thanks. I will pass on your words to the Aluf Abir. Are you still living in Israel?