Friday, October 17, 2008

The Mulatto Diaries and the New Path

So I was on YouTube and I came across the VLog (Video Blog) of TiffDJones and her videos The Mulatto Diaries. Tiffany is Bi-Racial woman living in New York, I think, and she posts videos on YouTube about her experiences as well as her thoughts about being mixed. She has some really interesting topics that I have been finding very interesting.

I have to give her a lot of credit for the things that she is willing to openly talk about in terms of being racially mixed. There are some areas of the mixed experience that I choose not to talk about because of my experiences with it in America. Her mixedness is within her parents generation, but mine is withing my great-grandparents so there are differences as well as similarities in experiences. Part of the mix my family experienced was of an international, cultural, religious, and linguistic nature (also within my parents generation) and because most Americans would associate me as something based on the American standard I have found it easier to just ignore race since for the most part it doesn't affect me as much.

As an Israeli, I also don't live in America anymore so the concept of being "black" in the American sense doesn't affect, even though it didn't affect me much after high school when I did live in America. I also grew up in an isolationist type of community when I was younger, we lived in a closed off neighborhood, so I sometimes have a xenophobia about opening up to people that I perceive as being outsiders or even potential threats. Yet, maybe that is something that I need to deal with in my upcoming videos.

So getting back to Tiffdjones and the Mulatto Diaries. Instead of me going on and on, you can just watch a few or her videos.

Mulatto Diaries #66 etymology

Mulatto Diaries #60 who is black

Mulatto Diaries #37 too light to matter

The New Path

So after watching Tiffany's videos and others like it I am now inspired. (Dramatic music playing in the background) I am going to start doing my blog partially in written form and partially in VBlog form. As I mentioned in the last few posts I have the VideoSpin software, which I used to do the Year 1 video in my last post. I am now uploading a video I did as an introduction to the video Chronicles of Ehav Ever and as soon as it is finished uploading to YouTube I will post it. I may do one per week since it takes some time to edit the videos and also upload them. Note: it takes me all night and part of the morning to load videos to YouTube. I wonder if it is because I am doing it internationally.

Originally, I said I was not going to allow comments because sometimes commentors on YouTube can be a would I say......SPECIAL in how they comment. Yet, I think I will use moderated commenting like I do on this blog. Don't worry Hochmah and Musar fans I will post each VLog video on this blog. Also, if there are any topics you guys would like to hear me talk about, rather than write about let me know.

So when you are on YouTube be sure to check out the Mullato Diaries and coming soon the Video Chronicles of Ehav Ever.

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will in two formats.....


clnmike said...

That was interesting.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey clnmike,

Yeah, Tiff has some really interesting videos. I think she is trying to put together a documentary based on her video blog. Now I am getting addicted to the idea. I may just do my entire blog in video.