Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Library of Ehav Ever

If you have read this blog long enough, you may notice that I am well versed in a number of things. The reason is that we have a tradition in my father's family, and that is that each male must build his own library. It is a tradition that has died out somewhat of late ever since my great grandfather, Shoham Lyon's library was destroyed, long story.

I have heard stories how my great grandfather was an avid scholar versed in many things. He was fluent in about 4 or 5 languages, he was well versed in the medicine of the day, and he was a scholar of geography. He was such a fan of geography that he named one of my grandmother's older sister's Asia-Minor Lyons. I was told that my great grandfather's library was enormous and voluminous with books on almost every topic imaginable.

In any case, after my father passed away I inherited his library. Much of what he had I left with my mother in America, and I started several years ago working on my part of the library. Instead of just telling you about my library, I would like to show it to you.

Section 1: Downstairs (Books, DVD's, VHS, and CD's)

Section 1a: Torah, Tanakh, and Other Biblical Texts

Section 1b: Jewish Religious Legal and Ethical Texts

1c: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Judeo-Arabic Dictionaries

1d: My Favorite Movies

Section 2: 2nd Floor (World, Regional Histories, Languages)

Most of the books I am reading now a days are in Hebrew or Aramaic, so I keep most of these books on the 1st floor for easy access. I have been slowly phasing out my English books on history for my love of reading in Hebrew and Aramaic. I am going to start working on my Judeo-Arabic probably in the next two years. I am going to start collecting in this area soon.

A few of the books that I read of late are:

Of course the Weekly Torah portion

Sefer Ha-Yashar

Diwwan of Shmuel HaNagid

Of course I could not forget the book that this blog is named after

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue.....


Miriam said...

I don't get it. Somehow Micha is like that too : he prefers the Hebrew books to the English ones. Why is that???

(I don't like to read translated books, but for now I have to as my Hebrew is lacking -my confidence is what's lacking)

Great collection of books!

Ehav Ever said...

I can think of a few reasons.

1) There is no feeling like being able to read a book in your ancestral tongue.

2) There is no feeling like reading a book in its original state.

3) There are things that can't be carried over very well in translation.

4) I feel like I am doing a disservice to family members who know 3 or more languages when I only have 2.7 (0.7 covers Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, and French that I only know in reading at this point).

Yet, you have to start where you are. It is better to learn in translation, than it is to not learn at all.