Friday, October 24, 2008

Commercial Break

I just got back from Jerusalem where I was filming Episode 3. It will be up some time next week. While I am working on Episode 3, I thought I would take a commercial break with some things that I find funny. I had never heard of Terry Crews until a few months ago when I saw some scenes from the movie click and White Girls. These two scenes from both movies make me laugh every time.

Terry Crews and Adam Sandler in Click

Terry Crews in White Chicks

Now the below video was created by someone on YouTube, and though I find it funny I also found it a little scary. This is the Scary Mary where he took scenes from the Disney movie Mary Poppins and made it seem like a horror movie.

Mary Poppins the Horror Movie

Of course I love the Airplane movie from the early 1980's. This song reminds of when I accidentally walked into a cult like meeting at UC Berkley. I found myself trying to figure out what windows I could escape through if they started going psycho and Heaven's Gate. Long story, that I will get into later.

Airplane - Funny Scene - Jill Whelan

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever Will Continue........


Miss S. said...

Haha...that Mary Poppins thing was great :-)

Invisible Woman said...

Terry Crews is COMPLETELY hilarious in every movie I see him in, hands down. You didn't see Friday After Next?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

Yeah, he is HIlarious. There was movie called puff puff pass where he played this up and coming gangster rapper who was afraid of dogs. His rap was hilarious because he was physically acting out what he was saying.

I saw that scene from Friday After Next, I didn't see the entire movie. That was funny, and a bit strange for me.