Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yemenite Music and Dance Break

So I am a bit busy right now with work, martial arts, and also getting ready for Rosh Hashannah. It is hard to believe that this will be my second Rosh Hashannah here in Israel. Where does the time go? Either before or after Rosh Hashannah I will have a year's review in pictures. I am waiting for my mother send the photos from her visit here.

Until I have time to post something new, enjoy the following videos of Yemenite Jewish dancing here in Israel. I hope this will hold you over until I do my next post.

ריקוד חבני

ריקוד תימני

Though I have posted this song a few times, it is one of my favorites so I will do it again. It is one of my favorite Yemenite Jewish love songs.

Zion Golan, Ya Mahije ציון גולן - יא מחיג'ה

Of course I could not forget a classic by Ofra Haza, one of the most well known Yemenite Israeli singers.

עפרה חזה בריקוד יהודי תימני - צור מנתי

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