Friday, September 19, 2008

Mixed Chicks Chat Interview: Part 2

As some of you know I keep up with the Mixed Chicks Chat (נשים מערובים)on Talk Shoe. Mixed Chicks Chat is the only live weekly show about being racially and culturally mixed. It is hosted LIVE every week by Fanshen Cox and Heidi Durrow.

I recently made my second appearance on the show concerning how being mixed affects where and how I live here in Israel. As always, it was a really good discussion, and I often learn so much about myself by simply being interviewed.

Further, congratulations to both Fanshen and Heidi on winning the coveted 2008 Black Weblog Award for Best Podcast. It goes without saying that both Fanshen and Heidi are doing wonders to advance the issues concerning people of mixed ancestry, and its affects worldwide. They are truly trailblazers in both their diversity in topics, as well as their efforts which bring together people of so many different types of mixes.

You can find my second appearance on the show here. It is under Episode #67 title Location, Location, Location (מקום מקום מקום). You can also hear my first appearance on Mixed Chicks Chat on the same page under Episode 43: Black and Jewish.

For more information about what those Mixed Chicks are about you can visit their blog at Mixed Chicks Chat Blog. Check them out, and most important join the discussion.


Martine Joelle said...

It was very cool to hear you on the show again! I learn so much by your sharing.

Peace sparkles, Martine

Ehav Ever said...

Hi Martine,

Thanks for your comments. MCC is a really good show, and I enjoy it. I am always glad to be a part of it.

SolShine7 said...

I listened to the Location episode and really enjoyed your insightful comments. I would really like to visit Israel one day and see some of the sites from the Bible. I used to visit a Messianic congregation on a regular basis.

Ehav Ever said...

Hi Solshine7,

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I am glad that you enjoyed the location episode. Yes, Israel is a very beautiful place, and people normally never leave without having some form of impression made upon them.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Ehav!

How's eveything in Israel? I hope you are doing well. I have missed your blog!

I love Heidi's blog and I'll check her podcast out. I look forward to hearing you on the show! :)

Ehav Ever said...


It has been a LONG TIME. I am glad to hear that things with you are well. I read your post on your blog and noticed that you are hanging it up. I can understand, I almost did the same recently with my blog. In any case, things here in Israel are doing well. I have passed the 1 year mark, so that is good. For the rest of the story I will be posting a few updates.