Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Top 10 Fight Scenes

As some of you may know, I train in martial arts. I love to train, and right now I am concentrating on boxing, joint locks, and also sword techniques.

I also love to watch choreographed fight scenes in movies. Anyone who has ever trained in martial arts knows it takes a lot training and skill to do choreographed fighting, because of the fact that you have to perform moves without actually trying to injure the other person. This is especially true when it is done with weapons. So here are my top 10 choreographed fight scenes.

Number 10: Blade

Number 9: Way of the Dragon

Number 8: Hellboy II The Golden Army

Number 7: Iron Monkey

Number 6: Who Am I

Number 5: Return of Drunken Master

Number 4: Heroes of the East
3 section staff vs nunchucku

Number 3: Fearless

Number 2: Project A

Number 1: Five Element Ninjas / Chinese Super Ninjas Opening Fight


Anonymous said...

Okay know if you start posting clips from Chinese Superninjas I'm gonna come out of the woodwork! LOL

That is my number one kung fu flick of ALL time!! Lo Meng is the MAN!

How ya been? My PC has been healed...I think it was the virtual chicken soup that you sent. ;-)

hadara said...

wow. i always somehow get to your blog from looking for pictures of the kotel, it almost always makes me smile.

Ehav Ever said...

BHC - I knew this post would draw you out in the open. lol I am glad that your computer is better. I was wondering what happened to you. My #1 and #2 picks were a toss up. I love project A. You know you are tough villain when takes 4 guys, one rug, and bomb to take you down.

Hadara - Welcome to my blog. Thanks for posting. I am glad to be connected to the Kotel in that way. I am also glad to make you smile.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that I'm not a superhero chick...all that my enemies would have to do to catch me is; set up a tv showing a martial arts flick, have a pound of chocolate nearby and they got me! LOL

Thanks! I'm glad my pc is better too, I've decided that I'm addicted to the Blogosphere. :-)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention Project A! That villain was one tough dude. As my extremely crazy son would say, "He's a BAD Slamma Jamma!". LOL

Rolling him up in the rug was priceless!!

brohammas said...

What nothing from my hero Bruce Leroy?

Thank you for omitting anything from Chuck Norris or VanDamme.

Ever hear of a guy named Juan Mott?

Ehav Ever said...

BHC -You are to funny with your super hero weaknesses. I think you should careful about sharing that. Your husband to be may find out and use it to his advantage. lol

Yeah the bad guy in Project A was kicking butts and taking names. The funny thing was he had a limp.

Brohamma -Yeah, I am not a fan of the Last Dragon. Back in the day, but the fight scenes did not have the style that I like. In terms of Chuck Norris and Van Damme. Chuck did make it in my list, but only because he lost to Bruce Lee. I am also not a Norris or Vanne Damme fan.

My favorites are when the fighters are closely or evenly matched.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he already knows my weaknesses...but, I know that his kryptonite is blueberry ice cream!! LOL

I'm also not a fan of Norris or Van Damme. I love Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, Lo Meng and the rest of the Venoms. Jet Li is okay and I think Jackie Chan is too goofy.

I also love Toshiro of all those Akira Kurasawa Samurai movies.

Invisible Woman said...

Sorry, I think you should add the climatic fight in the newest "Hulk".

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

Interesting choice. Where you add it in my rankings?

Ehav Ever said...

Please excuse my English on that last comment. I have been speaking Hebrew most of the day. What I meant to ask was, where would you place it in the line up?

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