Wednesday, August 20, 2008

J-Blogging Conference Jerusalem

So this afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the first International Jewish Bloggers Conference here in Jerusalem, Israel sponsored by Nefesh B'Nefesh. This was my first bloggers conference and also since it was the first International Jewish Bloggers Conference, I really didn't know what to expect. Yet, I had been excited about attending it for the last two weeks. Anything that gives me a chance to go to Givat Shaul in Jerusalem makes me happy since I now know of a good falafal place near by.

It was an interesting event bringing together Jewish bloggers from all over the world. I would estimate that there were about 150 to 200 people in attendance, and they said that there were 1,000 or more people logged in live. The diversity in the type of people who attending was a good bonus to this, and to be honest I walked into this conference really not know anyone so I was bit reserved at first with the simple desire of learning what is out there in the Jewish blogsphere.

Before the conference began there was a visual blog roll of people who had registered for the conference. The screen at the front of the room showed various blogs, which made it easier to place a face with the blog of people whom I met.

I stayed for most of the event, and I met some really interesting people. It is funny how big the Jewish blogging world seemed today. Before tonight, I didn't really have a large list of Israeli blogs that I knew about. I know of Jewlicious, Rami G, Shiloh Musings, etc. to name a few, but my eyes were opened to even more interesting people with interesting stories. So in the future, after this event I have a lot of visiting to do, and my blog roll will be expanding in the next few weeks. It also interesting to note that there were several people with blogs right here in my neck of the woods in Maale Adummim.

Conference Introduction

There was also a panel discussion that included the following bloggers:
The panel discussion was moderated by Esther Kustanowitz of My Urban Kvetch and JDaters Anonymous.

Esther Kustanowitz of My Urban Kvetch

Much of the talk was about these panel's blogs began and the type of influence said blogs were having, as well as talk about the good and bad of virtual communities. Each panelist was entertaining in their very own way, and I just had no idea that blogging went back as far as it did. Some of these guys have been blogging, in one form or another, for years.

I am sorry that I don't have more pictures, but unfortunately I am working off of a broken camera. I dropped something on the screen, several months ago, so now I can't preview my pictures. I can't even see the camera adjustments or even the images I want to delete, so sorry. From the looks of it though the video that I filmed came out fine.

It was a surprise for me that former Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu was in attendance and is himself a blogger. Regardless of what opinions people may have about him or his politics, he gave an interesting speech, which I recorded sections of.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

There was a lot of talk about how blogs could be tools of giving truthful information about Israel in order to combat incorrect portrayals of Israel. This was one of my goals when I first started blogging, with the first blog concept I created originally being for that purpose. After this conference I now see some of the areas I want to explore with my own blog. So keep your eyes peeled because now my blog is officially, Hochmah and Musar: The Chronicles of Ehav Ever. Yet, instead of me explaining the conference all the videos will speak for themselves.

Dave from

Benyamin Netanyahu speech (1/3)

Benyamin Netanyahu speech (2/3)

Benyamin Netanyahu speech (3/3)

To see more photos of the event go to - Photos of the J-Blogging Conference
Courtesy of the Good News from Israel blog. A fellow Maale Adummim blogger.

To see the blogs of the other bloggers who took part either in person or on line go here.


Batya said...

Great meeting you. So many people, I was overwhelmed.
I hope that they really do this again.

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Batya,

Yes, good meeting you also. It really was a great conference. I feel really inspired to do more with my blogs.

I hate that I didn't have a better camera that I could have filmed a few more parts of it. I do hope it will be done next year, and the way it sounds it more than likely will be.

Jack Steiner said...

Some of these guys have been blogging, in one form or another, for years.

The online world is a funny place. Time takes on a different meaning.

What would make a you a rookie in the "real world" makes you a seasoned veteran in the blogosphere.

Mindy Schaper said...

Thanks for the vids.

rutimizrachi said...

Just "met" you, via your comment on RivkA's blog post. (I was a little too shy at the JBC to introduce myself to too many people, as I am also a newbie.) I will add you to my regular reading, as I am very interested in keeping up with information about Abir, of which I learned several years ago. Shorin Ryu was available to us in Baltimore, and was very helpful; but a uniquely Jewish martial art appeals to my "chauvinism." May Hashem bless you with the wisdom and clarity to grow in your discipline, and to use it in ways that will serve Him and Am Yisrael.

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Rutimizrachi,

Nice to meet you also. Thanks for adding me to your reading list. I will also add you to mine.

I will admit that I really enjoy Abir and the persective I gain from it since it is from and by Yehudim. It also speaks my "chauvinism."