Friday, August 8, 2008

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever - The Faces

This video pretty much speaks for itself. There is very little I need to add in the way of words. The quotes in the video come from various books the Dune series by Frank Herbert. The music is from the Vin Diesel move the Chronicles of Riddick, one of my favorites if you haven't figured it out by now.

The Chronicles of Ehav Ever will continue.


Felicity said...

Ehav, you were a handsome lad, when you were growing up you still are. I like how you did the Chronicles. Talking about the Chronicles of Roddick, it has been shown on TV and I am yet to see it. I heard it was very good.

Ehav Ever said...

I thank you for your kind words Felicity and right back at you. More Chronicles to come so stay tuned. The Chronicles of Riddick is one my favorites. You have to see Pitch Black, the first one, to understand some of the stuff in The Chronicles of Riddick. I am hoping they will make a 3rd.