Monday, June 16, 2008

One More Funny Thing


Anonymous said...

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The filmmaker reveals his personal reasons for undertaking this project. The Black Line where men candidly discuss their achievements and collective failures. This revealing program scratches beneath the surface of what it means to be a Black man in America, everything from fatherhood and politics and identity.

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Felicity said...

Very funny Daddy still have a flat top.

jake said...

hi, interesting blog. what is your email? i'm making aliyah in a month and would like to ask a few questions of you. (my email is:


Yobachi said...

Ehav, would you be intersted in participating in a bloggers confrence call with olympic athletes about Darfur, next week.

Email me at and let me know. I’ll hit you back with the details if you interested.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Chris Rock is insane! Hey Ehav, where you at man?!?!