Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting Back In Shape: Part 2

Several months ago I wrote a post about how I wanted to get back in shape. Well it is has been about 7 months since that post and here is my progress report.

Martial Arts Training

I have been training in martial arts twice a week for about 4 hours in Tel Aviv, and I have also been training at home in bits and pieces and so far I have lost about 10 lbs. Many parts of Israel are at a higher elevation than NYC, so I initially had a hard time breathing when I would walk around. When I first moved I was often winded just walking two blocks away from my apartment. Maale Adummim is on top of a mountain/hill so the elevation sometimes was an issue.

My weight loss can be attributed to not only working out, but a change in diet since I moved to Israel. When I lived in NYC, I got into a habit, between about 2006 to 2007 of eating more fast food. I lived in a place where I did not have access to a kosher kitchen and I ended up eating at kosher fast food places in Manhattan. I put on some pounds doing this, especially in the winter when I would do less walking.

View of the Judean Desert in Maale Adummim

When I moved here to Israel I once again had a kitchen of course, but also there are not that many fast food kind of places. Even the places that could be considered this normally serve a more healthy staple of food as compared to the US. You can go to a shawarma place and get all kinds of salads and such, but even with this I more than naught eat at home. I cooked a lot of meals with vegetables, which I make sure to not over cook because foods preserve their nutrients better when they are not heavily cooked. The one major issue I have no that some of my cloths are now to big, but I guess that is less of a problem.

With all of these things I have lost the amount of weight I needed in order to drop the pounds. The next step will come when I move in a few months. I bought a bowflex before I left America, but I haven't put it together yet. I was going to do it months ago, but I went through the instructions and got really confused. Talk about a complex set of instructions. Once I move I am going to pay to have it done. The other part of the plan is to buy some punching and kicking dummies so I can work on my hitting power. I am pretty good at grappling techniques, but I feel like I need to work on punching and kicking accuracy. I will keep you all posted until then, watch this.

The following is a video of one my favorites from the body building world, Lee Haney. Here we have a few minutes of interview with Lee Haney, eight times Mr. Olympia. Lee is talking about himself in terms of being a bodybuilder, and even about his greatest rivals. I always respected Lee Haney's personal and business outlook, as well as his stress on the importance of his wife and family in his career.


Felicity said...

Although Lee Haney is a very nice man, I am not really into men with all those muscles. Tall, well toned, nice arms, stomach, legs etc. Good luck with your training anyway.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Felicity,

The video is from the 90's, I believe. He is smaller now. Many of the body builders lose the size when they retire because they train differently. Haney is not as big now, but he is still in good shape.

Thanks for the wishes on my training. I really can't wait to get settled so I can get that Bowflex built.

Shelly said...

Hi Ehav,

I too am trying to get more healthy and fit through regular walking and continuing to maintain a healthy, frugal diet.

Good for you and up the hard work!


Ehav Ever said...

Hey Shelly,

Thanks. I hope things go well with your your health and diet changes. How is in England in terms of diet choices?