Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tribute To The 5 Deadly Venoms

I loved the 5 Deadly Venoms (circa 1970's) when I was younger. The 5 Deadly Venoms revolutionized martial arts films. It would be cool if a good remake was done of some of their films.

5 Deadly Venoms - I had 5 pupils

Five Deadly Venoms Documentary part 2

Five Deadly Venoms Documentary part 3


Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

I LOVE the 5 Deadly Venoms! Phillip Kwok and Meng Lo were the off the hook! Meng Lo can also be seen in "Kid With the Golden Arm", "Chinese Superninjas", and "Killer Army".

Ehav Ever said...

I forgot that you were into Martial Arts movies. Comic books and martial arts movies. Where have you been all my life? (smile)

The Venoms were amazing. Especially since they for the most part did not use wires. Pure agility.

Anonymous said...

The Venoms really were amazing.

Here's the opening fight sequence in "Chinese Super Ninjas" (my most favorite kung fu flick ever!). Meng Lo from the Venoms had a co-starring role in this one:


Ehav Ever said...

Hey BHC,

That was tight. Now you got my interest peaked. What happened next? Did the samurai kill himself, or did he have something up his sleeve?

Anonymous said...

Well, according to the samurai.."Loss of a fight means loss of one's life to a samurai". So, after being defeated by Meng Lo..he smote himself thusly. But, not before giving a long speech about his "friend" Chin Hu the Ninja. While giving his speech, he took a ring off of his finger and flicked it at the master of the "White Outfit Crew" (the good guys). He warned the White Outfit Crew, "When you see this ring in the'll be your death!!"

In the following clip, the samurai's friend Chin Hu the Ninja appears at 1:19...he's the guy with the white fan and the red outfit (I guess he's wearing the previously mentioned ring.) He re-appears at 4:45 wearing a lovely black ensemble and kills a member of the White Outfit Crew who somehow manages to step on his own dangling intestine before he dies.

I'm trying to locate the clip where Chin Hu the Ninja loudly proclaims that he is "The lord...of the martial world!!!" (Sure he is...that's what all megalomaniacal ninjas say!)

I love the unintended comedy in this movie! :-)

Ehav Ever said...

That was an interesting scene. Especially when the guy steps on his on intestine. That is really wild. I watched some of the revenge scenes. They were definitely unintentionally funny. Especially when the golden ninjas start spinning their hats, and the good guys close their eyes, and blind folds appear and then disappear from their eyes. I will admit that I do hate the dubbing.