Monday, March 10, 2008

Ehav Ever On Mixed Chicks Chat

Mark your calenders!

On March 26, 2008 I will be a guest on Mixed Chicks Chat podcast, the only live, weekly podcast about being racially and culturally Mixed. The show is hosted by Fanshen Cox and Heidi W. Durrow.

The title of the episode that I will be appearing on is Mixed and Jewish. It airs live 03/26/2008 05:00 PM EDT.

More information about my upcoming appearance can be found at the Mixed Chicks Chat Schedule. Just in case you miss the appearance it will be recorded and can be downloaded or listened directly from the Mixed Chicks Site.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Ehav,

I read Heidi's blog all the time and I will be listening to the podcast!

Lisa said...

A star is born! Or should I say "a star is discovered"?? Will be listening!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey MDC and Lisa. I am really excited about being on the show. As you both know I have a lot to talk about. (smile) If you haven't already listened to some of their past shows you should. They have some real interesting topics.

diva said...

Cool:) I was not aware of the podcast, so now I have a good reason to tune into something new.