Monday, December 3, 2007

Racist Ideologies and Antisemitic Concepts

I am writing this one on the fly so please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes. I will fix this as the week progresses. So this is part 3 of the posts I am doing about Racism and Antisemitism. You can read Part 2 and Part 1 to get the first posts.

When I was younger I found myself in several locals that were hotbeds for the future racists and antisemites. There were two environments that I lived in when I was younger that I can look back on and remember individuals who I could now see being racists are antisemites. These individuals, though young, had certain qualities that made them dangerous in my eyes. When I say danger, I mean in terms of not placing my trust in them because of a certain something that was either obvious or hidden. In order to explain what I mean, there are 4 things that many racists and antisemites have in common.
  1. A Founding Myth of Power
  2. An Illogical Hatred of Their Enemies Perceived Power or Intentions
  3. An Underground Element
  4. A Sense of Urgent Preparation for Future Conflicts
A Founding Myth of Power

One of the keys of antisemites and racists are that they often revovle their needs around some sort of ancient founding myth about their culture and themselves. This myth is countered with the idea that their former glory was either taken away from them by the groups that they hate, or that their glory is currently being threatened. This leads itself into the need to regather their lost brethern to return to their old ways.

For many of the neo-nazis, skin-heads, and KKK this hearkens to an idea that they are descendants of Viking Warriors, Celtic Warriors, or the Knights of Europe old. They congour up memories of the tough Aryan male who stood with his weapon in hand, with the cold mists spraying on his face. He is glad with armor or with the skins of animals that he has killed with his bare hands. He lives for adventure, war, and conquest. His conquests are valid becaue of the strength and the work produced by the sweat of his brow.

Thor the Viking God of Thunder

The same kind of myth exists for the antisemites who mix their hatred of Jews with a black power agenda. The idea here is that Blacks in Africa were doing were almost god-like, if not gods prior to growth of industrialization in Europe. Those who subscribe to this myth teach their theology as if all Africans were kings and queens and there were internal conflicts. All the positives are promoted to the Nth degree, and none of the negatives are ever brought up. Africa is also promoted as if it was somehow unified country instead of a continent with diverse ethnic groups.

This formula is often mixed with an ancient Egyptian myth involving the religion and symbols of the pyramids and such. In their view Africa was the light to the world, although they focus almost entirely to Africa having been the light to the Europeans. The focus here is that Africans did everything before Europeans. It often ignores Asia and the Middle East, but at times these regions are included as African.

Racists Ideologies

When it comes to what the racists believe, I have found some interesting concepts in my travels that are often either completely illogical or over foolish in their content. One of the ideas revolves around white society being brought down, or poisoned by Blacks, Asians, and Latinos. The idea is that somehow America, and Europe always belonged to the white man and that the existence of free Blacks, Asians, and Latinos brings down the purity of the white race. They once feared that blacks would roam free in America and cause chaos. Crime would run rampant and blacks would rape or marry their pure white women. In this myth lies the idea that the white male somehow owns the white woman, as they often allude to with the idea that black men would marry OUR white women. These same groups often hate Asians for the idea that Asians are taking over the country. They also hate Latinos for the idea that there is a Latin invasion of the country and that they won't speak English.

These racists are illogical in their fears, because of the fact that most African Americans descend from Africans who were FORCED into the Americas. If these racists want to be mad they should be mad at the those who took part in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This hatred would be directed at a wide array of peoples from all over the world, including some of their so called "white" forefathers.

Unforgiven: Legacy of a Lynching

The reality I have seen is that these people are often trying to define "white" culture in their own mold, and they also blur the situation to where it sometimes perceived as if all white people are in on it. They groups also believe that normative "white" society has been polluted in its ideals and they regard a good number of "white" as living under a fake banner.

Some racists point to rap music and R&B as a way to claim that blacks are having a bad influence on America. Even in the 50's and 60's there were those who believed that rock and roll music was going to influence white kids to act like black people. In turn America would go topsi turvi. These same racists point to the images in modern day rap and R&B as a way to say, "We told you these people were animals. Just look at their music and their lifestyles." They often point to statistics that come out about minorities as a way to justify their hate.

KKK vs. Hebrew Israelites

Antisemitic Concepts

There are several types of antisemites.

  • White Power antisemites
  • Black Power antisemites
  • Anti-Israel antisemites
The first group of antisemites from the white power crowd often believe that Jews are a part of a world wide conspiracy to control things. They often hearken to the idea of the 5 Jew bankers who control everything.

With the Black Power antisemites they also believe in the Jewish conspiracies of world domination. This group of ideas is often very fuzzy in their antisemitic myth, yet it somehow involves "The Jews" starting the slave trade. Another sister theory to this is that Jews are attempting to hold back or hold down black people by way of Jewish control of Hollywood and financial institutions.

Most of these groups believe that Jews of today are not really descendants of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Bible. They often refer to the Khazar myth that today's Jews are mostly descendants of converts to Judaism as a part of a world domination plot. They also ignore that when a person converts to Judaism they are just as Jewish as someone born Jewish. Some of these groups believe that they have either replaced the Jewish people for God's favor or they believe that they instead are the real Israelites.

The Association between Naziism and Arab Antisemitism

Most of these groups focus on European Jews and they have no idea that there are Jews of Middle Eastern, African, and Asian descent. Their logic is also weird in the fact that only 1 out of every 654 people world wide are even Jewish. That means about 15 Million Jews world wide. Most in Israel and New York. Not much of a world wide conspiracy.

There is even an anti-Israel element to this that believes that Israel's existence threatens world security. As if such a thing as peaceful world relations ever existed. These type of antisemites use their hatred of Israel as a way to unleash their hatred upon Jews, who may or may not identify with Israel. They use this as a platform with which to be prejudice against Jews.

So What Do They Want?

In the racist mind these are all a part of an assault on the pure white Aryan race, there will come a time for a stand. They in turn must do something to bring their white brethren out of their current slumber. They must inspire white pride and power. Much of this on the outside involves Nazi imagery, punk rock, tattoos, shaved heads, etc. There is an underground element that has brewing for some time now. It is an underground movement of White Power advocates who have gone either high tech or remain in the shadows. They are promoting themselves on the down low, they are recruiting on the down low, and they are living like what would be considered average citizens. These kind of racists are also antisemitic and they also feel that they have to throw off the supposed shackles they believe that Jews have placed on them.

The wants of the antisemites who are black, is not as clear. They seem more bent on informing other blacks of the supposed Jewish conspiracy. They often lecture and go on, but are not much when it comes to what actions they think should be taken. They often bend and twist Jewish literature, which they often have never read in its original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, etc.) They also often rely on texts from Europe or from the racism from 1 or 2 Jews as a way of proclaiming it as what all Jews believe. These groups at times have religious elements to them, and they beleive that blacks should be in their religious system to follow the truth.

In the end some of these various groups believe that a race war is coming that will engulf America and the world. The white power groups are the ones that are doing the most to prepare for such a situation. If you go back to my second post on this topic (Part 2) there are videos of white power training camps all over the world. Even here in Israel it was found that there were some Neo-Nazi cells made up of Russian Jewish and non-Jewish youth. These groups are no different than their brethren, but the fact that they could be found in Israel shocked so many. That is like the KKK being in Ghana or Ethiopia.

These white power groups are similar to terrorists in that they are training DAILY. They are learning how to shoot guns. They are learning how to do hand to hand combat. They are learning survival techniques. They are learning how to work as units. Many of them are also learning how to hide in the shadows and blend in with society until the time comes for them to act. Some of them are acting now by vandelizing, maiming, taunting, and indoctrinating.

In my next post I will cover what I believe Jews, Africans, African Americans, etc. can do to fight back and be prepared.


Miriam said...

memories of the tough Aryan male who stood with his weapon in hand,

reminds me of Esau.

Lack of a good dose of self esteem could also be a factor for them.

Thembi said...

Ehav, someone said something anti-semetic to me this weekend (about not liking jews because they killed his lord - which any idiot knows is inaccuate, irrelevant, and Mel Gibson-eque, but whatever) and I actually thought of you since I don't know many black jews. It got me to thinking about whether I would have been more or less offended if this person were black, or if the jews he spoke against were black, and how race all has to do with it. I dunno, I dont have any conclusions, it was all just kind of timely...

Shelia said...

I haven't read parts 1 and 2 and but man, you are really rooting this whole thing out. Very impressive work.

Ehav Ever said...

Miriam -Hey Miriam. The sad part is that it is not just Esav now. The fact that others are drawn into this line of thinking makes it more universal. I guess you could say it is Esav-esk. In the Sefer Ha-Yashar, it talks about how when Esav left his family for Seir he forgot about loosing the Bechorah (Birthright). It actually says that throughout the course of many years he forgot. Yet, every time Ya'aqov wanted to return Esav would remember.

Thembi -How are you? In terms of the antisemitic statement. I sometimes find myself correcting some fellow Jews in terms of ignorant or even racists statements. I believe that most people don't want to racist or antisemitic, I just think that most people aren't educate on the facts. I have met some Jews who only say racists statements because their only contact with African Americans is through rap music, R&B, TV, or through some of the people they may hear talking or acting up. I think that when some people say antisemitic statements they are often repeating things they have heard, but in many cases they may not even know that many Jews. Much less Jews from non-European backgrounds. I would really love to be a part of a dialog between Jews and African Americans.

At the same time there are some pure racists and antisemites out there where nothing you say or do will change them. They live to hate, they breath to talk trash, and fester to be who they are. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but take notes and pick your battles.

P.S. That post you had with the Hebrew Israelites stills makes me laugh.

Sheila - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for your kind words. If you go to the 2nd Post there are some more videos of the White Supremacists training camps. I started taking martial arts again because of these kind of videos. Whether or not they try to do something as a whole, these guys are preparing.