Friday, December 28, 2007

Be A Man: Manly Humor

A woman once told me and some of my friends that she did not for the life of her understand our form of humor. We responded that it was far to manly for her to understand. There is something to be said about when a group of guys get together to be humorous. There is something of a competitive nature with me and my friends about trying to make each other laugh.

I once heard that people with a good sense of humor often live longer. My cousin's wife once said that if that is the case my cousin and I will be very old men. There are so many stories of man humor that I could get into. Yet, these videos best display the same kind of humor that me and my fellow men love.

Animals With Human Qualities

There is something so funny to me about movies and comercials where animals take on human qualities.

Chickens that Want to be French Fries

Monkey's Dancing to Yemenite Jewish Music

Scrubs Moments

Note: The above parody is of the 1980's Officer and a Gentlemen movie.


Lisa said...

Okay, this I believe. . . my dad was just the hugest fan of Bugs Bunny et al because of this very thing - the human qualities. Although, my sis does love to see animals singing and dancing (to the point where she makes her own personal animals . . . ) but I do believe she got this from my dad.

btw - met up with some friends last night (all female) - they told me to bring drinks!!!

Such is life. . .

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Lisa,

So your father was a Looney Toons fan? Truly the sign of a great man. Me and my cousin love watching those. I used to like Pepe Le Pew until I thought about it and figured out he was a stalker. Still funny though. One of my favorites was the Rabbit Season vs. Duck Season.

So you were relegated to bringing the drinks huh? Pre-made or self made? (lol) Don't worry Lisa. When I come back to the US in 2009 to visit I will make a special stop to teach you how to cook.