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Antisemitism and Racism: Fighting Back

As a reminder this is the last of a series of posts I have been doing on Antisemitism and Racism. In order to understand this post you will need to read the previous posts.

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In order to understand a thing you have to know what it is capable of.

Blade 1998

So if you have read my posts on the topic of antisemitism and racism you will notice that one of the themes I concentrated on is that the antisemites and racists of the world are often one and the same, or have associations with each other. The other matter I have focused on is that they are also doing all that they can to prepare for a future that they believe will come to pass. For some of them this involves the idea of a global race war for which they need to be physically and mentally prepared for.

When you talk to people from the groups that the antisemites or racists hate about what preparations they are making to counter such groups you often get this kind of reaction.

Or sometimes this kind of reaction.

I don't much buy into the idea of a global race war. Maybe ethnic conflict on a local level, but global, I am not so sure of. Yet, whether or not even a local one were to take place I believe that Jews, African Americans, and Africans need to know what threats exist and also be preparing for them. When I look back at the videos I posted of the racists/antisemites I only see that happening when the following truths are confronted.
  1. In every video about the racists and antisemitic groups are spending a lot of time training for combat.
  2. They are forming networks.
  3. They are promoting their agendas through internet, music, and underground promotion.
  4. They are also forming communities.
So this begs the question. For those who read this and see what these groups are doing to prepare themselves, what are you doing to be aware and prepared? What would you do if a group of skinheads showed up in your neighborhood? What would you do if they showed up at your front door? Would you be able to defend yourself? Would your neighbors be aware enough to help you? Would they even care? Would your local community fight with you if you were attacked by one of these hate groups? Would your children know how to defend themselves?

What if you found out that the teachers who are teaching your children were a part of one of the underground groups that I mentioned earlier? How would you handle that situation? What if you found out the owners of a business you support financially were members of one of these groups?

At first I had plans on making this post longer and more details, but I think these questions speak to themselves. If you the reader don't have answers to these what if scenarios I painted then you have a clear problem that could one day present itself to you or your children. This goes beyond the realm of whether you are African, African American, Jewish, Euro-American, Asian, etc. These groups are gunning for anyone who doesn't subscribe to their philosophy.

They may not strike as an army and they may not cause you a direct threat, nor in in the immediate future. Yet, what if one day one your loved ones comes up missing and it is found they were kidnapped by one of these groups? What if one day you are walking home alone and are being followed by members of such a group? What if one day your children are being recruited by such a group? The reality is that most African American and Jews are not prepared for the Antisemites and Racists of the world. Yet, that doesn't have to be the continued and future reality.
Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. Oppose a religion with another religion only if your proofs (miracles) are irrefutable or if you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired. Fanatics know where you stand, but more important, must recognize who whispers in your ear.

Missionaria Protectiva Primary Teaching, Chapterhouse: Dune by Frank Herbert

The answers for me were the following actions I took this year. First decided to move to Israel. I didn't just move anywhere I moved into a community with a high concentration of Israelis who could defend themselves if the day came. I also moved into a community where if something happened to me people would help me out. If I disappeared there would be people who who would go looking for me. I also started training in martial arts again. I am also working on preparing myself for what ever may come by being educated on what my enemies are doing. I in turn do what I must to be able to counter them because they exist in the world, and even here in Israel. These answers for me also lye in a connection with God in the ways that have saved, inspired, motivated, and guided all my Jewish forefathers and mothers.

The reality is that we live in a cold hearted world with many underground movements and such preparing for battles. To counter these people you have to know what they are, what they fear, and where they stand. So the answer is, in order to fight back you have to be able to counter them by also being prepared in the same way they are.

The following article will provide you with some interesting insights into some of the underground tactics of some of the White Supremacists groups in the US.

My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!


Mes Deux Cents said...


This has been a very interesting series of posts. I think that many of us are concerned with racial conflict on many levels.

The first question I would pose to you is this; Are the members of the infamous Los Angeles street gangs the crips and the bloods more of a danger to African Americans than any skinheads that may be around?

I don't think necessarily the intent of a group is as important as the results of their actions. So even though the skinheads may endeavor to-do people, African Americans harm, they can't compare to the harm already done by those gangs.

My point is; if you prepare for an enemy that declares itself an enemy than how do you prepare for the undeclared enemy?

If those meaning you harm are Jews who hate Jews or Blacks who hate Blacks, how do you defend yourself from those within your own group?

It seems to me that within the last 30 years there has been genocide in African America, but it was not committed by skinheads or the Klan, it was committed by Black men.

So aren't they the true enemy? One who subscribes to a concept of hate is not as dangerous as one who lives that hate and does harm.

So as you prepare to defend yourself how will you prepare to defend yourself from those kinds of people?

I think that it's, as you say, important to defend yourself and community, but when the enemy looks like you what defense do we use?

After all aren't there young Jews in Israel who call themselves’ neo-Nazis?

How will you see them coming? What if they pose as a friend?


Ehav Ever said...

Hey MDC,

Thanks for commenting. You ask very good questions which in the Jewish religious tradition there are answers.

The threat posed by racists and anti-Semitic groups are also similar to the groups you mentioned like gangs. All of these groups thrive off the fears of society. The fear that people often have to for example Skinheads is often the same fear of for example the Crips and the Bloods. People fear their numbers, people fear their philosophies, and people fear to fight them because they may lose their lives. So if you address the threat made by one groups you can also address the threats of other groups.

Okay so that being said, how do you deal with a threat that is internal? The first step is realize that this threat is real not internal it is external. For example, as you know recently it was found that disassociated Russian Jewish youth here in Israel were forming Neo-Nazi groups. These groups were made up of both Jewish and non-Jewish Russian youth. When you look at the problems that existed during the Russian immigrations to Israel one of the biggest problems was that many of them immigrants were even Jewish. Some of them were either distantly Jewish or were related to Jews.

Also, the day that the story broke of these Russians forming Neo-Nazi groups the government canceled a government-sponsored program that was set up to try and reach out to the lost and disenfranchised Russian youth. There was a news report recently where many Russian Israelis identified themselves as Russian more than Israeli. Most other Jews here identify as Israeli over where they came from before. So as you can see the Russian immigration here had some series problems, and no other groups of Jews are becoming Neo-Nazis. You don’t for example have Moroccan Jews, Yemenite Jews, or Ethiopian Jews becoming Neo-Nazis.

In Judaism, there is a way to be a Jew and a way not to be a Jew. Once a Jew has established himself/herself to an enemy or a threat to Jewish people the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is very clear that these people are no longer to be considered Jewish. They must be dealt with. They either need to be excommunicated or more series means need to be taken. A Jew who threatens the security of Israel, or the lives of other Jews is no longer a Jew simple and plain. We can care for each other and still recognize that there is a way to be Jewish and a way to not be Jewish.

Personally, I think those Russian Israelis who joined the Neo-Nazis need to be deported. If they hate Jews and Israel so much they need to go somewhere else. I would deport every single one of them I catch if I was in charge of such things. The problem though stems in how that immigration here was done. The government I believe is a big part of the problem in that area.

The same applies to the Crips and Bloods. I grew up in Kansas City at a certain point recognizing that the Crips and Bloods were my enemies. I remember once being in a place with some friends where members of a gang pulled a gun out on us for no reason other than to scare us. I remember once going to a June 19th celebration with friends and the gangs started shooting at people. I also remember friends who were killed for no reason by members of a gang. Those gangs in my view thrive on the fact that we feared them. They thrived on the fact that at that point we didn’t have a community that could stand against them. They thrived on the fact that people wouldn’t simply call a spade a spade and declare them enemies of humanity. They like the White Supremacists were a growing threat that people tried to ignore or act like they could just move to the suburbs and not have to deal with.

I believe that most enemies are not that dissimilar. Someone who wants to destroy you often uses fear or your lack of organization against you. If you don’t know how to defend yourself your enemies, no matter who they are, will use that against you. If you don’t have a community that is willing to stand up for its own, they will use that against you. If you cringe in fear, your enemies will use that against you.

If you can’t handle the enemy that really not that organized like the gangs, then you definitely can’t handle the ones who are getting organized like the Skinheads. Many of the Hate groups in America realize that they don’t have to do much, RIGHT NOW, because of the lack of organization of their enemies. They realize that they can sit back, plan, train, RECRUIT, and organize for a few years if they want to. So what happens when they allow things to run their course, and then 20 or 30 years later they decide to start putting their training into action? What happens when the gangs and such have weakened and separated the good people to the point where the Skinheads have an easy time picking people off?

So while the Crips, the Bloods, Pop Culture, etc. are on peoples minds they can just pick people off one at a time. Just think of the girl that was tortured for a month not long ago by that family. Just think of James Byrd walking home one night. Just think of how many of the White Supremacist groups in Prison are extremely organized even with their networks outside of prison. I saw a program on TV before I left the US on how the White Power groups in US prisons were even better organized than the ethnic gangs in US prisons. It was pretty much them, and one Latin gang on top. The black gangs had to watch their backs for both of them, and other black gangs.

The main reason that some of these groups can exist is they are for the most part being ignored. They can blend in because very few people are paying attention to the writing on the wall.

So to answer your questions, this goes back to the questions I asked in my post, which I showed how I answered them for myself. Those questions that you have to answer for yourself. If you don’t have answers for them then you may have to evaluate your situation.

If African Americans and Jews don’t even know how the enemy is operating, and if they are in no way prepared for them then that is a problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe, by addressing this problem you also address the problems of gangs. If you can’t effectively deal with an organized group like the White Power groups, then you will most likely also have the tools to deal with the less organized groups like the gangs. They often work off the same fears of the public.

A little bit more later.

Mes Deux Cents said...


"In Judaism, there is a way to be a Jew and a way not to be a Jew. Once a Jew has established himself/herself to an enemy or a threat to Jewish people the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is very clear that these people are no longer to be considered Jewish. They must be dealt with. They either need to be excommunicated or more series means need to be taken. A Jew who threatens the security of Israel, or the lives of other Jews is no longer a Jew simple and plain."

This passage really resonates with me. This is what I've been asking on my blog.

Sometimes people need to be ejected from the group, for the good of the group.