Friday, November 16, 2007

A Starting Point: Racism and Antisemitism

When dealing with topics like this I always have a hard time with a starting point. So what I want to do is give a preamble of sorts. Based on how some of my opinions may be perceived I need state the following.
  1. I admit that I have some opinions that may not be shared by a majority of people.
  2. I admit that I have some opinions that represent my experiences in life and may not be practical for every person.
  3. I admit that there are many popular views and opinions that I don't buy into for myself or my family.
  4. I admit that I can not possible express every idea in writing or explain how I feel so that every person can understand it.
  5. I admit that I have lived in a lot of different cultural environments and I draw upon all of those experiences in my writing.
  6. I admit that some of my theories may be debatable, but I 100% believe that my conclusions are correct.
Now that I admit to those things, I am not afraid to say that I have have some views about life that has caused some people to call me a sellout. An old man at a Passover Seder once told me I sounded like an antisemite because when he asked me why so many Israelis are dodging mandatory military service I told him because it is easy to be in America and complain about the Middle East, but it is another thing to actually move there and do something about. (I actually think he wasn't listening to what I was saying, because he interrupted me several times and he kept asking me probing question. He did have a hearing aide and it may not have been working.)

So you have warned so to speak, so after reading what I am going to post you may feel like this.

I am going to deal with this issue in the following four subjects.
  1. The Good Guys: Jews, Africans, African Americans: This will be a discussion of who the good guys by detailing how they can be identified in modern times.
  2. The Bad Guys: This will be a general and detailed look at some of the racists and antisemites I have run into.
  3. A Racist Ideology Meets and Antisemitic Concept: This will be my analysis of the racists ideologies and antisemitic concepts that I have come into contact with.
  4. The Good Fight: This will be a description of the methods of fighting racism, racists, antisemitism, and antisemites. This will be made up of things I learned from my family, my Rabbis, and all of my teachers over the years.
  5. Common Ground: This will be my outlook on what Jews, Africans, and African Americans all have in common in the fight against racists and antisemites and how it is so important for all sides to have dialog concerning our problems and disagreements.
I will do my best to not be so long winded, as you all know I can be. Yet, this is a complex matter for me so I will have to be detailed. For those of you who are new to my blog, lets say if you noticed it within the last 2 months, you may need to read a few of my earlier posts to understand my background and how my opinions were formed. The following posts are good starting points.

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You can read Part 4, Part 3, and Part 2 to get the first posts I did on this topic.

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