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Racism and Antisemitism: The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

Sorry for the delay in getting this together, but as I mentioned before I have a lot I need to do now a days. In order to be shorter with these group of postings I am going to combine the Good Guys and the Bad Guys section.

The Good Guys

When considering racism or antisemitism it is first wise to consider who are those who are either the victims or the most likely to be victimized. In this post I will work to define the various groups who are the subjects of racism and antisemitism in order to analyze the characteristics that make them targets of racists and antisemitic agendas.


Often when racism comes up, in the American sense, it deals with African Americans. It is often context to those African Americans who have been in America for more than two generations, or who have ancestors who were enslaved during Americas Institutionalized Enslavement of transported Africans. African Americans who have a country of origin, or who live in closed off communities often experience racism in a different way.

In a previous post I defined the different African American ethnic groups that I know about. These African American ethnic groups are:
  1. African American Christians
  2. Gullahs/Geeches
  3. Black Seminoles
  4. Maghrebim, Sephardic Jews, Black Jews
  5. Hebrew Israelites and Black Hebrews
  6. Black Muslims
The detailed list can be found here. The affects of racism on each of these groups depends largely on how strong their social structures are. This can be understood based on whether these groups have the ability to either blend into the host society or if their physical characteristics make them easy targets for racism.


In this sense antisemitism can be perpetrated by any ethnic group towards specifically people who are of Jewish descent or practice. Due to the fact that Jews, when not wearing traditional religious paraphernalia can blend into a host society that shares physical characteristics with them, makes antisemitism more related to lack of denial of one's Jewish ancestry. Those who deny and cover up their Jewish ancestry can at times hide themselves in the shadows of antisemites, but there are times when this would require suppressing one's true identity at the cost of one's morality.

Further to understand the various Jewish ethnic groups that exist in the world they are the following.

  1. Mizrahi Jews - Jews of Middle Eastern and Asian Descent. Israeli, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebonese, Indian, etc.
  2. Sephardi Jews - Jews of Spanish and Northern African Descent. (I for example personally fall in this category) Local legends say that some Jews were in these areas around 600 BCE and before.
  3. Yemenite Jews - Jews of Yemenite descent. Local legends say the first Jews came to Yemen about 586 BCE.
  4. Askhenazi Jews - Jews of Eastern and Northern European descent. (Subdivisions - American Jews have been forming their own Israeli communities in many areas)
  5. Ethiopian Jews - Made up of Jews whose families were air lifted from Ethiopia.
  6. Indian Jews - 3 or 4 distinct Indian Ethnic groups. Bombay Jews, Cochin Jews, and Bene Menashe.
  7. Russian Jews - Jews from the former Soviet Union.
  8. Black Hebrews or Hebrew Israelites - There is a community of people who were formally African Americans who live in the desert in Dimona. Many of their views and religious traditions are different than what is practiced by most Jews. Yet they are Israeli.
  9. Samaritans - The Samaritans are not Jewish in the traditional sense. They prefer to be called Samaritan Israelites. They are made up of peoples who say that they come from the Northern Tribes of ancient Israel who were attacked by the Assyrians in about 700 BCE.
  10. Gerim - Various people who converted to Judaism. Normally these people mix in with any one of the above communities. Most Gerim have mixed into the Ashkenazi community. This may include SOME African Americans.

The Bad Guys: Anti-Semites and Racists

So we have dealt with the good guys and some of the basic reasons they are hated now here are some videos that show you the bad guys.

Video of Iraqi Soldiers and US Soldiers

Russian Neo-Nazis Training

Notice how many of the themes of these videos is that these groups are training and preparing. The question then becomes what are both Jews and African Americans doing to be able to defend themselves against a group of foes who are hiding in the shadows and preparing?

In my next post I will go into more detail about all of the issues mentioned in this post.

You can read Part 4, and Part 3to get the first posts I did on this topic.‎


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