Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged?

Someone must be reading my mind because I was planning on putting up a no tagging until January sign on my blog. Yet, before I could even put it up Mes Deux Cents tagged me before I could declare myself unavailable for tagging. I will be completely up front I don't much care for the tagging thing. The first time I got tagged several months ago I had no idea what it meant so I ignored it.

So just because it is you Mes Deux Cents I will play along, but I am going to REALLY bend the rules and you can't stop me. lol

The rules are as follows; First I am to list 7 random and/ or weird facts about myself. Then I am to tag 7 other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged by telling them so in the comments of their blog. At the moment I don't have time to chase down 7 bloggers since I am trying to not blog as much right now. So that part will have to wait. Instead of posting 7 random/or weird facts about myself I am going to post 7 videos that express 7 weird/or random facts about myself. How these videos are a part of who I am you will just have to figure out from the various posts on my blog. How is that for bending the rules. na na!

1) Scrubs - Turk Does The Safety Dance

2) Grammar Rock Verb

3) Yemenite Jewish Atary Dance - Rosh Ayin, Israel

4) School House Rock - Electricity

5)Zap Mama - Abadou

6) GI Joe Cartoon Intro

7) Living Single - My Funny Valentine

Bonus: EPMD - You Gotz to Chill


Mes Deux Cents said...


I'm totally confused!! you like to dance? You are a dance instructor/ english teacher?

Break it down for me!!! (lol)

I loved the Zap Mama video!!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey MDC,

To change around a movie quote. Be confused, be very confused. (lol)

1) I was once a dancer. I even took Balli in elementary school. It was required along with French. Also, me and my friends often answer people with either movie quotes or songs like in this scrubs scene.

2) I learned most of my English from watching school house rock, and from comic books.

3) Yemenite Jewish culture and dance is similar to what I grew up with. That is why I am mostly around Yemenite Jews.

4) Cartoons like the Electricity song was what got me interested in becoming an Electrical Engineer. Also, my mother forced me to become an Electrical Engineer like my cousins.

5) I like ancient music more than modern music. Yet, I also like those who can fuse the two. Zap Mama are one of the best at this. Also, Marie is how I would want my wife to look and sound.

6) I was a big GI Joe fan. I had tons of GI Joe toys. They were one of the most diverse cartoons of all times. Espescially in terms of Africans Americans. No Jewish members that I know of, but half of me is good enough.

7) I am a hopeless romantic. I once had a love/hate relationship with a woman similar to how Kyle and Max were on Living Single. The woman hated to be complemented so this was the same kind of revenge I always wanted to do.

Old Bonus: My first bonus video is no longer on Youtube. It was of a Berber singing group from Niger. Brings me back to my part of the family that came from the Sahara.

New Bonus: I was a big EPMD fan. I used to be in a rap duo once. I also was a dancer and I got so many dances from this video. Me and a friend of mine would site around analyze the words of hip-hop songs and make jokes about them. EPMD songs were our favorite because they said so many interesting and funny things.

Now you are un-confused?

Mes Deux Cents said...


Thanks for clearing all that up for me. As you see I got the dance part right! I can relate, when I was younger I wanted to be a Ballet dancer. My parents were not hearing it though. (lol)

I really liked the vid of the Yemenite dance. I love culture. What's the meaning behind that dance? I'm sure you know.

Marie Daulne is beautiful. You may have to move to Belgum to find a women who sounds like her. (lol)

There is no such thing as a 'hopeless romantic'. If you are a romantic, then there is always hope!

I liked Eric and Parish too. They are from my neck of the woods. I miss real hip hop like that. I remember that they went through some craziness. Something about a big fight they had?

Kyle and max where a trip. I don't have cable so I miss the re-runs.

Thanks for playing!

Lisa said...

The School House Rock videos brought back some real memories!!! I loved it!!

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

School House Rock was on point! "Conjunction Junction what's your function?" and "I'm just a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill". I've had to stop myself from ordering the School House Rock DVD...twice.

I loved EPMD too. Hip hop is not the same now.

Kyle and Max were too cute together...I had to get the Living Single DVD, most of the stuff on tv now is lame.

Ehav Ever said...

MDC - Yes, you did get the dance part right. You do know where the song from the Scrubs video comes from right? Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.

You even helped me spell Ballet correctly. (Smile) In terms of the Yemenite dance. The dances themselves now a day don't have as much of the meaning as they did in Yemen. The songs had more of the meaning, and the dances were an extension of the song. Most songs started out with an introduction which was vocal only. Then the song was accompanied with with music, in Yemen on percussion, as the song progresses the tempo changes. The dances in Yemen told more of a story. Now they are a bit different. Complicated topic. Maybe I need to do a post about it.

In terms of Marie Daulne I would hope that if I could find a woman like her I could convince her to live her in Israel. It is warmer.

I bought the Living Single DVD for Season 1 before I left the US. I watch it over and over and still enjoy it.

Lisa - I miss school house rock. They had some really original songs.

BHC - I also liked Conjunction Junction and Just a Bill. I was going to post them, but Verbs and Electricity were my favorites. I also like Number 8. You are better than me, if I saw a school house rock CD I would buy it and the DVD. I would ride around playing it.

I also bought the Living Single Season 1 DVD. I hope they do season 2 and 3. I stopped watching after about Season 4.